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Fallen Angels Food Diary!

Well as some of you will know I've only lost 2 x 0.5lbs in my second month (third time & 6th year of SW!) so I promised to write my food diary so everyone can see and maybe point out a stupid mistake I'm making!

Green today;
Brekkie; 2 fried eggs (frylight) & tinned spaghetti

Snack; banana & satsuma

Lunch; huge free salad-lettuce, cherry toms, red onion, sweetcorn, endame beans, new potato, chopped peppers, cous cous, hard boiled egg.

Dinner; 57g salmon (HEb) oven cooked without additions, 3 oven chips (1 syn), M&S roasted med veg (3 syns) & green beans

Snack; 4 Krisprolls (HEb + 2 syns) with 5 LC light (HEa) & pickled onions.
1 advent choc & 1 Xmas tree choc (3.5syns)

Drinks; lots of SF squash, tea (HEa 250ml S.Sk Milk) & Diet Coke.

Feel like I've eaten LOADS today (too much?) but still a little peckish, lol. I normally have more veg with dinner but this was an unusually veg limited dinner courtesy of my Mum!

7 speed foods, 9.5 syns, all HEx's used :flirt2:
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Lol, only because the roasted mediterranean (sp!) veg thing was mainly cubed potato! We all had a couple of oven chips and shared a bag of the roasted 'veg' (what veg it was just cubed potato?!) between us.
Green today;

Brekkie; 2 fried eggs (frylight), fried polenta, fried mushrooms & baked beans

Snack; banana

Lunch; leftover of the salad, chilli penne topped with baked beans ( I love them!) & 42g RF cheddar (HEa)

Dinner; Quorn chilli with kidney beans & SW chips.

Snack; Hi-Fi bar, milkshake powder (Hea + 3 syns)

Drinks; lots of SF squash, tea with remainder of HEa

8 (so far) speed foods, 3 syns, 3 HEx's used
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Green today;

Brekkie; 2 fried eggs (frylight), fried polenta, fried mushrooms & baked beans

Lunch; soup

Dinner; Chicken (HEb) & sweet & sour sauce (5syns) with carrots, spinach & new potato's.

Snack; 3 Mingle chocs & an advent choc (5.5syns), pasta, beans & cheese (HEa) (large snack!)

Drinks; lots of SF squash

5 speed foods, 10.5 syns, 3 HEx's used

EE Day (as I will be out for the next 14 hours - no idea what the day will hold......)

brekkie; polenta, mushrooms, tinned spaghetti, bacon, 2 fried eggs
Will take with me a banana, satsuma & grapes but I'm not holding out much hope for lunch/dinner.... :(

Lunch; brockwurst sausage in a white roll & hot chocolate with Amaretto & whipped cream (44.5 syns approx?)

Dinner; the only decent choice at the LG arena was plain rice & noodles with sweet & sour chicken (10?)

So an awful day & it's wrecked my entire week

No HEx's used & 54.5 syns :( :( :(
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Red day today not that I ate much of anything :(

Brekkie; bacon & egg with sugar free squash & a yoghurt
Lunch; cup of tea (HEa)
Dinner; lamb, roast pots (6 syns), gravy (2 syns), mixed roast veg & cabbage
Snack; 3 Krisprolls (HEb) with LC Light cheese (HEa), banana, Diet coke, Hi-Fi bar (HEb), 2 advent chocs

All HEx's used but more syns than I'd planned (10) :( :( :(
Monday (planned so far)

Green day;
Brekkie; egg & tinned spaghetti
Lunch; savoury rice with a banana
Dinner; HEb chicken with some sweet n sour sauce (approx 3), carrots, cabbage & mash potato.

WI in the morning and I don't think I've lost a jot - where am I going wrong? :(
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Lost 1lb on the above menu - but I think half of that was because I'd changed from afternoon to morning WI.

Back on plan from tomorrow (Been off since 23rd & put on 3lbs last week - probably the same this week)

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