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Fallen off the waggon ! need help

Good morning guys , been following the pro points plan for 9 weeks now and in the last week I have really fallen off the waggon and hit the floor with a great big bump ! I have eaten anything and everything for a week and needless to say piled on weight. Feel really bad and everyday this week I have said right tommorow I am re- starting again, going to be really good, and then crash the hungur sets in and I fold and eat. :cry:

Anyone been in this situation and does anyone have any tips for re- motivation ?
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Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
C: 13st9.5lb
I would imagine we are all like this. Well I defo am. Thats why i keep restarting diets. Ill start Monday but Monday never comes until its 2 late and we have piled the weight on. Anyways, just start fresh today and get your tracker out and write everything down. I find when you write it down you will think twice about eating crap xx
Thank you lil miss sunshine , nice to know that others have this problem. My boyfriend teases me al the time saying tommorow is my favorite word ! I do find myself saying 'tommorow' all the time. I also find that when I do fall off the waggan I go for it whole hog, its not just il have one biscuit its i ll have ten ! Doing my weekly shop later on hopefully this will help as I am going to try and buy all sorts of fresh fruit and salad stuff etc .

Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
C: 13st9.5lb
its horrible, my first day back at WW was yesterday and i did great. Have to take it day by day because i get days like that where i just eat loads and dont care. I have no will power, but yesterday i found i was eating loads on the Pro Plan? lol so we will see next week how much i lose. Just start now and get back on the wagon ;) sexy u for the fella at xmas. Aim for xmas now and just take it day by day


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It's something that happens, life is life and we're only human. In the words of Barbra Streisand singing a song from "Yentl" Tomorrow is now TODAY.
So make a fresh start, try and see what started your fall of the wagon, was it stress? Emotional? Anger? Frustration?
your b/f teasing probbly isn't helping so you eat 1 more biscuit just to show him! We've all been there.
You don't fail until you stop trying to succeed.
You've owned your fall now get back on that wagon, try to look on your weight objectively ~ take the emotion out of it!
If someone pisses you off etc don't head for the bread, biscuits etc, get a skipping rope and skip on their head, scream in the house, bang a few cupboards, or run round the garden.
You know the only person that gets hurt by you eating the crap is you, it doesn't affect your b/f or friends or work colleagues, so why do it!
Get your fruit and salads ( I never thought I'd see the day I would actively choose salad to eat but I do lol) get back on the wagon and have a good week!
Good luck


im exactly the same if you look at my diary on here all i seem to do is say restarting lol... the first 4 months i was really good and stuck to it 100 percent then bankholidays came and i just totally lost it.... i had two months off restarted in june... fell off and just restart yesterday again lol! we are all in the same boat, just keep a pic of urself where u dont like what u look like handy so whenever u want to eat just look at it and think i will get skinny :)
thanks kate and lil miss sunshine , I have only just started posted on this site and I actually think this will help in those weak times , when I want the crap I might just come in here and send a snacking sos lol ! Looking at the before and after pictures in the gallery, I though that I mite start sort of a project by taking pictures and documenting my weight loss. This would mean I can actually see the results of my hard work
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you can do it!!
I completely agree with the boyfriend thing, mine constantly tells me one little whatever wont hurt, and just have a taste because its so nice!! it doesnt help at all.
luckily for me my boyfriend is away now for nearly 3 weeks, 1 week in and ive lost 2.5 lbs this week, he doesnt believe me when I say he is slowing down the process, now I have some proof!

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