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Fallen off the wagon. Cannot get my brain into gear!

I've toppled over the edge this week. (Wk 7) I know why. Its because I went out on Monday and had two glasses of red. This set me up for a biscuit binge when I got home ( a very restrained one - there were some savoury crackers in the cupboard at home. I loooove these more than sweet things. and some special cheese hubby had bought). I then had no sleep - I was so buzzing from the wine (no alcohol and barely any food for 7 weeks will do that for you) which meant the next day i grazed. Not binged - I was trying really hard to only eat protein, low fat etc etc, but since then I've not been able to stop. So whilst I'm not putting on weight, I'm not losing it either. I can't seem to get my head back into the right place. I'm sooo annoyed with myself. I just want to eat all the time. Part of me is saying 'stoppit you wont hit your goal' The other part is saying 'its only a bit of protein it won't hurt. Arrrghh!!
And I have another night out next Monday. Arrrghh!!
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Just wanted to share that I had a cheat last night, I've been craving protein for days.

It almost a physical urge I can feel in my stomach.
So last night I caved in and had about 150gs of ready cooked chicken. As I hadn't had my 3rd shake, I thought the damage wouldn't be so bad, but then something inside my wanted to sabotage it further so I ended up having 2 large slices of Stilton.
I felt guilty, but am not going to beat myself up about at as if I do it kind of gives me an excuse not to carry on.
I have decided the only way its going to work for me is to take it one step at a time as the thought of not eating for months is overwhelming and disheartening.

So plan is, wake up each day and look only to the end of each day. Try to see that day as the 1st day as a fresh new exciting opportunity to loose weight. My second weapon will be to go to bed everyday early as this is a danger time for me. Im lucky I currently have the luxury of no responsibility (no children or anything ) so can do this.

I have successfully done a VLCD before and lost about 7 and half stone so I know its in me to do it, and if you've managed 7 weeks I'd say its in you as well.
thanks spf. Its like I'm self-sabotaging. I've got to a place where i'm so close to being 'normal 'weight'. I fit into my old clothes (my old 'fat' clothes size 14 - hard to believe I thought I was fat at this weight before, but anyway...), and I think I'm in a place I've been before (when I was in my old 'thin' clothes - I wasnt 'thin' but I was a 12) which is - okay, I've done enough, this is fine. But it isnt fine. I'm still overweight and I need to keep going. I'm sick of hovering at the edge of fatness. I think my brain has clicked into 'you're ok now' mode but it shouldnt be there yet. Mainly because I no longer wake up and feel endlessly sh*t because all my clothes look terrible on me. Now I wake up and can't find anything to fit cos its either too big or too small lol! I've already had my lunch today, and an Atkins snack bar. And I've got the whole afternoon with two preschoolers whom I promised I'd bake with when I picked them up from nursery. Gaaaah!!!
Hey Lynnie
Now you're so close to goal do you think you need to change the rules a bit? Can totally see what you're saying that once the desperation of being really overweight has gone it doesn't seem as urgent (hoping I'll get there one of these days!)
Are you still trying to do TS? If so, maybe change to WS, so you can plan tasty meals in without it being sabotaging? Although you might not lose the last bit as quickly, even if you're losing 1-2lbs a week you'd be at goal in just a few weeks time. And if there's any way you can stay low-carb on your next night out you might be able to avoid the grazing the next day?
Good luck and keep us posted on how you get on - this is something we'll all hit at some point or another so it will be great to hear how you get through it!
You could even do 'half' of a working solution.. i.e. 3 packs a day plus, say, 200 calories a day of food, a nice chicken salad or something. 200 cals would give you some room to snack without eating full meals. I have been doing this on the days I just can't bear TS and it seems to get me through. Better to plan and enjoy healthy snacks if you are so close to goal than to beat yourself up and be eating junky things like biscuits. Might help you ease into maintenance also.
Thanks guys you are right. I have bought some nibbles today to keep in the work fridge - just some low fat babybels and some chicken nibbles. If I'm getting desperate I can choose one or two of those to eat here. and I've got a can of dr pepper zero on hand too. When I get home, I'll have a one egg omelette with lots of grated courgette to bulk it out (we've been growing them - we have sh*tloads lol and we dont even really like courgettes - the plant was a present!) That should keep me low cal but bit more than TS. I can do this. I CAN do this!!
I think that is a really smart move actually lynniep.

Its going to keep you sane and on the straight and narrow and this will definitely yield weight loss.
Yay, great plan LynnieP!
Not only CAN you do it... you ARE doing it! :D
I love courgettes, fried up in a tiny bit of butter [drool]

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