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Fallen off the Wagon - Need advice

S: 11st2.4lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st0.4lb(0.26%)
Hello All,

I have been doing SW since Thursday and I have been good all week (even at the weekend which has always been my 'bad' days) however today I didnt plan my day and as a consquence I have fallen off the wagon.

I grabbed a sandwich at 4ish which has meant Ive not been hungry for a dinner, and rather than making an effort to have a dinner I have snacked on biscuits and chocolate.

So today I have ended up not following either Red or Green day and I have had 52 syns.

What do I do?????????

If I accept today as bad day, draw a line under it and continue properly from tomorrow. Will it mean I have ruined all my hard work and get a gain?

I am just feeling a little insecurre on SW because I have never done it before and I have no guarentee it will work.

I have learnt my lesson though! Plan Plan Plan!
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Mrs V

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Just get back to it in the morning Hun and certainly dont eat anything more that can cause more damage!
If you make sure that you eat as many super free foods as you can, drink plenty of water, you may be lucky and get away with it, so dont fret.
Take care

S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
You maybe didn't plan your sandwich & feel you were left with no option, but you did chose to eat the biscuits & choc instead of dinner. Maybe next time instead of thinking you've blown it try & make the best of your day. Maybe you could have followed a green or red day for the rest of your meals.

But you do need to believe in SW, it does work just look at everyone's weight loss.

Good luck & believe in yourself you can do it:)


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Well done for working out all your syns too! You can have up to 105 syns in a week, so you could still be within that, (depending on how many you've had since Thurs) so don't panic and don't give up! These things happen to all of us and the best thing you can do is get straight back on the plan.

If you decide to give it all in, what will happen? You will stay the same weight or even gain. Or you can give yourself a chance, plan your meals and get some lbs off in a really enjoyable way!

I've fallen off plan before and given up and I so wish I had just got straight back on it. There's a fab support network on here and loads of advice, so if you're stuck on anything, just ask :)

Good luck!


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My advice - write down the 52 syns. Then forget them. Don't try and catch up by cutting syns the rest of the week, just carry on as if it hasn't happened. Bet you still have a loss at weigh in.

Don't beat yourself up about it - just remember how bad you feel about it in case you're tempted to go off the wagon again. And remember how saintly it feels to keep to plan :)
You maybe didn't plan your sandwich & feel you were left with no option, but you did chose to eat the biscuits & choc instead of dinner.
This is so true.
One bad meal doesn't make a bad day and one bad day doesn't make a bad week.
Just go back to basics, cut your syns down a bit to compensate and forget it.
I agree though, well done for working out the syns - that's a good thing!!

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