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Fallen off the wagon......


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But not by eating enough, I have been rushing about so much this weekend, all I had yesterday was a jacket potato tiny bit of cheese and salad, and today scrambled eggs and salmon then steak jacket spud and veg, will this stop the programme working ?
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phewwwwwww weigh in day is tuesday....I was worried that this might have been just as bad as pigging out for the weekend
this is my downfall everytime, I think I have got so used to not eating breakfast, a snack for lunch and then dinner that I now find it so hard to have 3 propper meals a day an when I do I feel like I have eaten so much!! At least you have had some nice healthy food rather than crisps and snacks as I tend to do when rushing about!


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You should be fine as long as you pick up eating again as soon as you can. If you find it's a common issue, try making sure there is stuff to "grab" in the fridge in a hurry and keep an emergency snack in your bag at all times.


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my problem mainly was that I was out all weekend, and the things others were eating I knew were bad...so I didnt eat hardly anything which may well have been just as bad...I have already sorted breakfast lunch and dinner for tomorrow, activa yogurt with mixed berries and alpen extra light for breakfast. Bachelors savoury rice with chicken, ham, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and sweetcorn for lunch, then chicken sw chips and salad for dinner, does that sound ok?


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I'm sure you'll be OK- you'll probably have a great loss!! As long as you weren't going hungry- it's when you're hungry that your body stores food as fat when it gets some, but if you're anything like me you won't have been hungry when you were rushing around!! Being busy definitely keeps food off my mind!X
The sweetcorn didnt happen anyway lol I havent got any left...thanks for the heads up though..I am doing the ee plan as its simpler to fit in with my mad life of working full time and having 4 kids!
Sweetcorn is free on EE... well, it is in my world. No, it must be because if it wasn't my online diary wouldn't let me put it in as a free food :) I wouldn't be able to do SW without my corn on the cob, lol.

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