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Falling off LT train... can you go back?

ok everyone, over the past two months I have had the cravings like everyone but over the last week I have cracked, I ate monday evening and skipped two shakes and yesterday and skipped one shake but here's the thing....

I wasnt hungry or craving food, I am soooo bored and fed up. My boyfriend and I are staying in all the time, my friends are very supportive but havent done anything with me like shopping etc because they dont want to eat in front of me. The weather was lovely out and I just wanted to be normal and sit outside with friends for a drink or something to eat.

before I started I had planned to stop this weekend ( weekend planned) but half way through I decided just to take this week off and go back for another 4 weeks after this.

I am starting to lose hope, I feel like I did this weekend to remind me food isnt all its cracked up to be and spur me back on but after the last 2 days I cant help but think that is least likely.

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oh honey i'm sorry your struggling. if losing weight this quickly was easy everyone would be skinny. Lipotrim is a commitment. we have to do 100% or not at all.

the lovely weather does seem to make it hard, everyone is in pub gardens and parks having a great time, but dammit go do it too!! you have a great support system by the sounds of it so just go for it.

my friends and colleague were really funny to start with about eating in front of me but just tell them its ok and its not forever so crack on!

if the weather is making you want to quit just think how lovely itll be when you're done and wearing lovely summery clothes and enjoying the sunshine and glass of wine etc when you have succeeded. I'm telling you - there is nothing quite like it!

good luck babe, be strong. this is for you. its your time. enjoy it :)

Thanks xSarahloux,

see the problem with my friends is different, I am quiet happy to sit in a pub and have sparkling water, lucky or me I was happy to do that if need be before the diet. I live about 50 miles from my friends and they were always up before this diet now they are holding off until I can join in properly.

Even when I do see them its not for long, I have spent weeks saying its ok to eat and telling them I make my partners dinner every day but they wont listen they just feel so bad.

I suppose I am wondering has anyone out there felt like this and managed to pull it back? I will be eating and drinking this weekend and from Sunday I want to be back on the shakes ... but will I have the will power


S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i'm sure people have felt terrible on this and pulled it back hun. maybe the time just isnt quite right for you now. only you can make this decision. take it one shake at a time and see how you go :)
just had a second shake. Feeling a better. Hopefully it lasts :)


Eyes on the Prize!!
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Sorry you feel like this. I know what you mean though, I'm quite happy to go along to meet up with friends or go out with family for meals as I don't have a problem with it, but they really do.

Its almost like they say "no no we'll hold our life until you are back eating like a normal person again" the thing was I never ate like a normal person! I would always have starter main desert and lots of wine. I had no "that's all folks" switch If I saw it I would want it!!

If I thought about it Id want it!!

But because I made a huge effort of willpower on this people around me almost feel inadequate and have to demonstrate their own willpower by giving something up! So in effect they can't wait for me to get back to "normal" so they can justify themselves having all the things they know they really shouldn't!!

My OH was a bit sulky the other week and had a little moan about not being able to go out for meals and stuff. Well I went for the jugular!!

"Poor you! You're finding this tough are you! You want to go out well we CAN go out only I CHOOSE not to eat and drink because I don't NEED to. I am not stopping anyone from having fun or going out, in fact it is always me that suggests going out"

He really got it!

Hope you feel better soon! xxx
Hey Crunchy, its good to see its not just me! I am lucky with my OH, he has one lipotrim and is at his ideal weight so he is off the opinion that we have all the time in the world to go out. I seem to be feeling guilty for him. Like your OH giving out about not going for meals, I am feeling like that on his behalf!!! its crazy.

just has me down the last week or so, I hope it just blows over. I have a couple of weddings in the summer and was only plannin on staying on TFR until the 7th or 14 of May. I'm so close.

you have had some great weeks, your figure's are great.


Eyes on the Prize!!
S: 16st13lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st10lb(4.22%)
Thanks hun. Its been hard and still have 2stone to go. My OH is a darling really just he talks before thinking!

A lot of it was him feeling bad for me as he knows he could not ever do this kind of diet. I know what you mean about feeling bad on their behalf. That's why I still said we should go out etc but he could only do it a couple of times because he'd feel so guilty!!

This TFR lark really is a mind overhaul isnt it!!!
lol DEFO...

Im struggling this week but I've made it this far, i'm sure I will find the strenght somewhere to go on :D

thanks Crunchy :character00115:

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