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Someone help me i'm home alone and have a very strong urge to binge, i have had 4 biscuits (2 savoury, 2 sweet) and a handfull of cashew nuts.:eek: :eek: :eek:
Don't do it have a large glass of water.

Have you had all three packs today, if not have half now and save half for later.

Right, honey - sweep up all the bad food you can find and put it all in the bin! Just get shot of it - then you can't eat it, can you?
Put the kettle on and have a cup of peppermint tea with tablet sweeteners - go have a bath and do your nails and take it hour by hour.

You CAN control your cravings, hun - be strong!
Hang in there chuck!

I promise you that anything you eat will make you feel crappy afterwards so just get a bath and get an early night and you'll feel strong in the morning.

Self control is key to the weight loss and you have the ability to show it!

Thanks i feel bad already so i'm going to have an early night and tomorrow is a new day.

Kids played me up today, i cooked their dinner and they wouldn't even taste it.

Sent one to bed at 6.30 and the other one wasn't allowed anything else and have been feeling crappy since.

Might of over reacted as i don't enjoy cooking especially when i'm not eating it.

TOTM is looming also.

There all my moans in the open , you lot are really special people, thanks all.

On a positive note weighed myself today 6 lb lost, 15 lb in 2 weeks.
Woah - honey - that's fantastic!!!!!!!!

An excellent reason for not mucking up your good work so far!

Kids are pesky - it's official!

lots of love
In my experience the bads days are isolated ones so all you need to do is get through tonight and a better day will be waiting for you when you wake up :D

When the cravings get bad then distraction is the key knowing that you only have to get through the next few hours before a new improved day awaits you :)
Couldn't agree more, Chicken - the bad times don't ever last very long and they get shorter and fewer as you go!
Another day, feel much better today. I've planned to go out all day so i can't get bored or stressed with kids.

Here's to the next 15 lb:D :D :D :D :D
Excellent - I'm really pleased to hear you're feeling much more chipper!
Get out there and have some fun,hun!


Take a bar chopped up into little pieces to keep you going in case you crave anything.

Have a wonderful day.

When do you next see your CDC?

Taking it one week at a time, i have just started 3rd week (mon) so i will see him later this week.

Originally only wanted to shed a few pounds to look nice at wedding on 12 aug but now i am getting a bit of a personal challenge to see how much i can lose.

This time last year i was 10.7 now 12.1 i'll see how it goes.

Going to a bbq on saturday what is the best thing to do, i thought i might have some meat and salad???

Thinking about what you have just said, maybe you could follow the 790 plan that way you do eat everyday plus your 3 packs.

During the school holidays a lot of mums find this a good plan to follow the weight and inch loss are almost identical to SS.

If you want to have a chat about it you can call me if you like.

PM me and I will let you have my tel number.

Thanks i think that sounds a good idea.