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family dont want me to do it!

S: 15st10lb G: 10st2lb
Hi guys,
Restarting the LT on Monday but my whole family and circle of friends are against me doing it again and finding this really disheartening. This diet is tough enough without their disapprovals. My husband wasnt happy either but he knows how miserable I am with my weight gain so he is now behind me but I am trying to hide it from some people. I felt a bit down on it the last time but the weight makes me more down so its the lesser of 2 evils really.
Any tips?
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Glitzy I'm so sorry to hear this *hugs* my only advice would be its time to stop thinking about others, seeking their approval, and do what's right for YOU! If they love you they want to see you happy and if losing the weight on LT is what makes you happy then they'll have to respect and accept that.

I can understand that having family on side makes life easier but if they don't approve just do it anyway, they'll soon come round when they see the emotional, and physical, difference in you as the weight falls off.

Good luck, you can do this x


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Why dont they want you to do it Glitzy? is it because they dont understand what these type of diets are about?

VLCD's have had a bad press in the past, and unless you have looked into them properly then its probably understandable that they have concerns. At least your hubby is behind you so thats good. If i were you I would just get on with it and dont talk to much to the rest of the family about it. Once you have been on it a couple weeks and they start to see the results and how well you can be on it then im sure they will become much more supportive. Just remember you are doing this for you, not for the family and friends, and thats what really counts.
Good luck with it.
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i agree with the above. some people just dont understand how it feels to be unhappy with weight. do it for yourself hun and just let the others get on with it x x
S: 15st10lb G: 10st2lb
Thanks for the replies girls :)
You know ye are right....I decided to do it for me and not worry about what others think (one of my biggest downfalls). So went to the chemist and got weighed and my shakes for the week this evening....cant wait to start in the morning. Girl in the chemist so much nicer than the last girl and she was giving me tips on hiding the shakes which I thought was very funny.
I work in a gym (in the office) which is why all my friends are against it but they are all skinny so its easy for them to tell me not to do it.
Anyway....ive taken the first step and cant wait.
Bye for now girls X
S: 24st0lb C: 14st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 9st1lb(37.8%)
thats it the skinny ones always no best lol my sister is like size 0 and keeps telling me i need to eat as its not good starving yourself i tried to wxplain it to her but she dont listen so now i tell her i eat just for the peace lol x x
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i can understand there worry,,i had to hide it from hubby for a few days,,he thought i was crazy,,he is very fit and does a lot of running so has no prob with his weight,,anyway i ended up very sick after 2 weeks of it,,so he made me eat!!! anyway few months on and i'm doing ww at least this way i control what goes into my mouth and hubby can stop worrying about me,,it's only cause they care really:)
S: 15st10lb G: 10st2lb
Hi yummymummy!
Well done on the weight loss :)
My husband is big into health and fitness and does triathlons so is totally against the LT diet but I am soooo determined this time round to do it. I lasted 6 weeks the last time and hope to do 8 weeks plus this time round. My plan is to go onto ww after this as I find that a great way to lose weight. Just want to give myself a head start on this first.
Bye for now X
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thats what i wanted to do too,,i just needed the insant result to get me going,,good luck with it:)


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hey glitzybug and welcome...try no tto let other people opinions get to you. when your old and grey you dont want to look back and go..."oh i didnt do this because that person who used to be my friend, said i shouldnt do it".... its your life,,ou do whatever you want to do.... they have their own lives to look after. its nice they gave you their opinion,,but thats all it is,,,THEIR opinion.... Im the same as you, i always care way too much about what other people think and i tend to always put others before me. the past three months has been a rollercoaster for me but ive got rid of those people who put me down and told me i couldnt do it. i now have people who support me no end and i have others who i had to educate a bit about lt but who came around and said theyd support me!

what gym do you work in babe? im from dublin and all the gyms are mighty expensive! it must be hard working in the gym if youre upset about your weight! new year for a new you :) xx
S: 15st10lb G: 10st2lb
Hi Pudge!
Go you on getting rid of the people that are not good for you....what a great start to the New Year!!!!
It is soooo hard working in the gym and being overweight...its also embarassing promoting health and fitness when I am hardly the pic of health! I am there 12 years and have been slim for 10 of them...I would do 2 hours of aerobics after work most nites and use the gym. Then after a personal crisis I stopped my healthy way of living and fell into a dark hole. Ive come out of it but am 5 stone heavier now then i was 2 years ago so have decided to get my life back on track and get my confidence back and be the happy girl I used to be :)
I working in a gym in Cork ....not as expensive as Dublin I'd imagine...approx €600 for a yearly membership.
Right off to bed with my headache and empty belly :(
Bye for now X
Glitzy :p
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Hey glitzy, Corconian here too girlie,
im glad you got out of your bad place, your mentally in a good place now so the weight loss will follow, dont worry about people trying to turn you off, people do that with me all the time i just smile and ignore all the comments, one girl in work tells me to join weight watchers with her every single week and do it the 'healthy way', but being 6 stone overweight wasnt very healthy for me...lets face it you wont be doing this forever, but it will definately give you the jumpstart you need,,you will get great support from all the fabulous people on here, good luck to you,
S: 15st10lb G: 10st2lb
Hey Trose!
Ah its great to see someone from my side of world on this :p
I totally agree with you when you say ww is for someone with only a couple of stone to lose, but when youve over 5 stone to lose, something like LT is a fantastic way to get you going.
Im on nearly finished with day 4 and my other half is cooking the dinner and I am trying to hide in the sitting room.
How are you getting on?
Glitzy X


addicted to minimins!!
S: 16st4lb C: 16st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st2lb(0.88%)
day four! sure youre practically at weigh in already :) keep it going..were all doing fantastically :) x

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