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Yes it does to me (I realise I'm not Ruth G :D ). But I haven't been there since I got married.
oooh, yes it does! I know you!
Oooh Guru, who were you?

There are a few other purple place people here too!


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I was Mrs*S*... however I left the purple place to go to GD Misfits, where there are lots of other ex purple place people. And then I changed my name to Guru :)
Aw, I don't recognise the user name, when were you there? I was on planning for about a year up until July 2004 when I got married.

GD misfits??


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I got married in May 07, and I was there for about a year before that.

GD Misfits is a general chat forum with some sections on things like pets, babies, weight loss etc. Once we were married a lot of the purple place people felt that it wasn't really for them any more... and we kept having run ins with the mods, so we set up Misfits. If you google it you'll find it :) One of the Misfits, Sunflower, recommended Minimins to me as she'd done CD.
Ah, I see! There has been a mass exodus from OT on the purple place, the mods came and told everyone off for swearing, and people took offence that they were beign told off, and the forum speeds had been slower than a snail for months, so one member has set up another forum, and it's fab. I think in the last few years a lot of planners were 'afraid' to come over to OT as here were some big characters there....


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Ah, see that's what happened to us too. The Mods took exception to honest opinions and so we all escaped to somewhere where it is less strict. There are several other spin off forums too. I think it happens fairly regularly there!
I used to be there - it aint Pink/purple anymore though is it?
It used to be yellow/purple, now it's white/lilac/purple
Ooh glad it's you and it doesn't just seem like a weird question! (I'm one of the defectors - the other place is so much faster, it's like the good ol' days although still try to pop back for BT but it takes an age to load)
I try not to mention CD much 'there' I still remember the arguments from a few years back! :)

How's it all going?
I don't mention CD at all there, it's not worth the agro! I've also defected to SL, it's so like the good old days!

CD was going really well, I'd lost 3stone and 8lbs up until 2 and a half weeks ago, then had fertility appointment, was expecting to be started on clomid, to be told that clomid wouldn't help me, and that I was going to have to have IUI, but to have this I needed to lose another 2 stone by December 1st, which I thought was going to be easy........ so didn't rush to get back on plan, and I ate whatever I wanted, and have put on about a stone - eeeeek! so need to lose 3 stone now by December 1st.....

You're doing really well with yours! There are a few other PPers here too, I wonder if they'll come out of the woodwork!

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