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Fasting and CD


S: 20st9lb C: 20st9lb G: 11st1lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi:) ple Im trudging along on cd , however and I fast occassionally when praying but I need to fast for a week been fasting the past three days and I just have one shake in the evening, is this ok wont it affect me ??
Im not tired at ol or getting headaches or anything cz I hve been on ketosis all these past weeeks.
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I think you should try and have all 3 in the evening as 3 of the meals have 100% of the vitamins and minerals you need for the day by having only 1 you are having only 1/3 of that. Mabye you can space them out from the time you are alowed to start untill you go to bed? just an idea. if you can't do that then mabye it would be a good idea to have a vitamin supplement for the weeks you have to fast. hope it helps


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You need to have all three hun or you'll go into starvation (if you haven't done that already!). The point of the measurements that are in the 3 packs is that it is just enough to keep your body running (and using up its fat stores) without putting you into starvation.
If you go into starvation your body will start not only using up its fat stores to survive but it will use your lean tissue to which includes your organs and muscles (includuding your heart!).
For the sake of your health you need to have all 3 packs, no exceptions!
I tried to do SS during Ramadan last year but couldnt cope because you cant drink during daylight hours and that was hard for me because i would get hedaches n dizzy n needed water.So this time round, i should be on 1000/1200 clas by the time ramadan gets here.

But with regrads to you fasting, i would reccomend what everyone has suggested. You need your 3 shakes because of the nutrients for your health. All 3 packs have just enought nutrients and protein/carbs etc to keep you going through the day, so you definatley need all 3 to stay well.



please try again
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right get up an hour before fasting begins ( supposed to do that to have a small meal anyway ) and have a shake and a litre of water if you can manage it

then have another shake when you break the fast again more water

then the last shake before you go to sleep

you really need all the packs, having just one your getting just 130ish cals and no way near the nutrients you need

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