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Fasting for weightloss...

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Anyone ever had any experience with fasting for weightloss??

I've been researching for a while, and found an interesting article on a man who water fasting for 50days and lost 110lb!!

obviously i wouldnt fast this long, but i was thinking of a 10day water fast?
then you have to re-introduce foods slowly.

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Hiya Kim. I have been looking at people's water fasting vids on youtube recently and I would be very wary about them. There is no nutrients in water so I dunno how they are surviving? Man (or woman for that matter ;)) cannot live on water alone.

If you want fast weightloss then a vlcd like Lipotrim, Cambridge diet has all essential vits and minerals a person needs to remain in good health.


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Yes I can't see how this can be good for you at all, I think even after a couple of days you would end up feeling really ill with no energy, I think 10 days would be very hard and bad for you. Why don't you try a liquid diet or a plan such as Slimfast?


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I can't imagine water fasting is very good for your heart. As you are consuming no cals what so ever you will lose muscle all over including off your heart.


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I would also strongly advise you against fasting for weightloss. You will make yourself seriously ill as your body will starve without essential nutrition.

I urge you to instead look at one of the VLCDs (Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet or Lipotrim) which will provide you with 100 % of your Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrition but in a very low calorie format. On each of these diets you could lose an average of 1 stone per month in a safe and healthy way. That's a good enough rate of loss for anyone I would have thought :)


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This is the most stupidest way to lose weight!
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I have tried fasting before but only for one day, doesnt seem long, however it did get me back on track to a healthy eatnig pattern.x


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Fasting???!!! It's just too scary and stupid for words! Your body will be weak and if anything, will hold on to your fat reserves because you are putting it into starvation mode. At least do something that gives your body total vitamin, mineral and proteins to enable you to lose weight fast, effectively AND healthily. like Cambridge, Lighter Life and the one I did, Lipotrim. It has also re-trained my eating habits and now I no longer crave high carb, high fat, high sugar foods any more.
don't do it, you will feel very weak you could also develop an eating disorder, I'm not really for the liquid diets either, but thats just my opinion, they obviously are safe.
The only "safe" fasting I have come across is alternate day fasting, where you eat normally one day and fast the next. They have been tested and don't affect your metabolism as long as you do eat normally on your alternate days.

Water only for more than that will make you ill. Your blood sugar could get dangerously low if nothing else and you'll be passing out.


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NEVER fast on water.
As a recovering anorexic/bulimic I think I am a reliable enough source to say it is a bad idea.
For a start, the preliminary stage of fasting causes your body to derive energy from your muscle tissue, not your fat i.e. it depletes your muscles. This is incredibly painful and doesn't achieve what you want.
You will feel sick, tired, dizzy, irritable, anxious and painful, not to mention the disappointment that will come about 2 days after you stop when the weight has flown back on.
Trust me, its not worth it.
A liquid fast might not be so bad, I know a lot of companies produce liquidized meals (like the slimfast shakes) that are especially designed to give you the nutrients you need while your body taps into your fat stores, but it is very important you follow their instructions exactly.
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Hiya Cateka :wavey: Nice to hear from you again, and good advice given there :clap:

How ya doing these days?


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S: 8st7lb C: 7st7lb G: 7st3lb BMI: 17.5 Loss: 1st0lb(11.76%)
Hey there, long time no see :) How are you?
I'm so-so I suppose, I had an awful relapse recently because of a knee injury that stopped me going to the gym, but I got back today and I feel WONDERFUL - walked 2 miles, ran 3 and cycled 6 :D its like my whole body woke up again. I imagine my life is going to do a complete 360 once my exams are over and there is no more stress :)


Gone fishing
Oh, and I've definatley managed to gain some weight. I try not to weigh myself anymore (its triggering) but I estimate I am about 5lb heavier than my info says.
Yay. Good on ya Cateka :clap:

Focus on taking care of cateka eh ;)

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