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Fat & 40!


wants to get super fit!
Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum (& my diet) so I thought I'd introduce myself and give you all a bit of history!!
My name's Nic and I'm a single parent of 18yr old twin boys and a daughter who's coming up to 21 in 2 weeks time :eek:
Throughout my teens, 20's and 30's i was very slim (between 7 and 8 stone) at 9 months pregnant with my daughter I was just over 9 stone :tear_drop: It all fell apart after a nasty relationship breakup 7 years ago - I lost all my confidence started staying in and comfort eating. How the hell did I let it get this far though.....??? To be honest I've been pretending to myself that it was ok - I was happy, I loved my food and would NEVER give it up because life's for living!?! How wrong was I! The turning point came for me when I was looking through old photos and one of myself and a friend fell out of the album and I looked fantastic! By that i don't just mean thin (I was at the heavy end of my weight scale at that time), I looked HAPPY - I SHONE!! I burst into tears and finally admitted to myself that actually, I HATED been fat. It's robbed me of ME and I want me back!
Phew! Sorry for the life history but it sure does feel good getting it off my chest!
I really want to do this and I know I've only really finished day two (and to honest am starving!) and have such a long way to go but I'm so determined.
So this is it.....bring on day 3!
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Hi Nic! Welcome to our little calorie counting club :) You sound very determined so I wish you lots of success! I think you'll find that a lot of us here are feeling similar to you, and just want to get off the overeating treadmill and live our lives the way we really want to, which is slimmer and healthier! We are all doing well too, so far, so i'm sure you'll get loads of inspiration here! Good luck!! xx


wants to get super fit!
Thank you all so much for your support - I just this minute burst into tears reading your replies! I will be on this site constantly I think as it really boosts my willpower reading about everyone else's trials and tribulation and successes too of course!
Hi Nic, welcome to the gang! Good to have you on board. You're certainly on the right track by the sounds of it. I always think that the "I'm happy with my size" mantra is a facade, so good on you for breaking through that. It must have taken a lot of guts to admit it out loud :happy096:

Calorie counting is a really good option too, as it teaches you how to eat for life I think. I don't want for anything (although the cream eggs have been winking at me!) and eat most things, as long as they're within my daily limit. I have in fact just come home from a Mexican restaurant, where I ate what I wanted with no guilt as I know I have been really good all week and tonight was my treat :D

Hope you stick around. We're a friendly bunch, and there is always plenty of support there when you need it. By the way, there are a few of us Taffs on here now, maybe we should have our own forum :p lol



wants to get super fit!
A Welsh person! I'm actually from Sheffield tho lol!!
good luck, i know exactly how you feel.
I even avoid looking in full length mirrors or having my full length photo taken for these reasons -_-
Its kinda like if I see the reality of how chubby I have become it makes it more real.
I've been really unhappy being a big lump -__-


wants to get super fit!
Good luck to you too! I've stuck those photos in a ' diet diary.' I don't record what I've eaten in it, it's more like an ordinary diary where I've also put fat pictures and have written down lists and goals. For example ~
I also write down my feelings and have some cuttings of inspirational of success stories which I look through when I waver.
Of course this site is amazing too!
Writing things down really works. It makes them real. I have finally admitted that not only am I seriously overweight, obese according to the experts, but it is impacting on my life in a way I can no longer live with.
I have the power to change and this cal counting is makig it happen.

Good luck to you, I am sure you will do really well.
Well girls, I just managed to get through another boring sunday evening without pigging out. Both DH and DS got huge chicken burgers and chips from KFC downstairs (YES D.O.W.N.S.T.A.I.R.S! :cry:) and I had the salad and a corn on cob. I really like the salad but I just don't want to be in the same room watching them drool over their burgers. Ate mine in the bedroom watching TV.

Phew roll on the week!!



wants to get super fit!
Well done you! I've yet to actually cook for my bunch but I know it's gonna be hard! Tomorrow night perhaps....... You've done really well though, over a stone in under a month! I'm very impressed! I've just come in from work in a restaurant!! and resisted all temptation so am feeling quite pleased with myself! Bloody hungry now tho!!


wants to get super fit!
Well everyone, it was my 1st weigh in yesterday and I've lost a staggering 8lbs!! I'm so pleased - I was kind of dreading it because if I'd've only lost a pound I'd've been devastated as I'd really tried so hard in that first week. I'm now feeling very postive and the jeans are already slightly looser! Day 7 was really hard for me though - I felt quite tired and lethargic so the urge to eat something comforting was strong but I resisted! Roll on another week! How are you all too??
Wow Nic - that's brilliant!!!!!!!! :happy036:

Well done. I bet you're buzzing now eh?!! Good on you for resisting on day 7 too, that's what it's all about, listening to your MIND, lol. Am chuffed for you :D

Keep up the good work! :scale:


wants to get super fit!
Thank you! I went out last night and had a few glasses of wine and am feeling a little hungover. All I want to do is eat!! Anybody have any solutions (other than don't drink too much next time that is!!)


wants to get super fit!
Thank you - I rode it out and feel ok now! I wonder if anyone can answer this for me - I'm only a low cal diet of fruit, fish, meat and veg mostly but after reading up on a few things I've realized that although they're low in fat & calories they're high in carbs. For example all my fruit, tomatoes, sprouts, slim a soup......the list goes on! I have cut out bread, potatoes and pasta though. Do you think I should cut my fruit and change my choices? I'm confused!!!

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