Fat and 50!! I think not..

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  1. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Firstly I hope I've posted this in the right place (diaries. I hope)

    Some of you will know me from my stumberling around on Minimins for the last few months..:break_diet:

    Well as happyhealthy has shown, if you get your arse into gear and get yourself focused not only can you lose weight but you will lose weight..

    So starting in 1st July, I will be focusing and getting into gear (not lycra!!:eek:) and I will be slim and healthy on my 50th.

    So 1year, 4months and 14 days later I shall be sipping Prseco in Italy and feeling very proud of myself..

    Along the way feel free to kick me up the jacksie if you feel it's needed and to those of you who have already sent me freinds requests on MFP.... I will also see you there ;)
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  3. Samalama

    Samalama Well-Known Member

    Go LittleSis - really looking forward to seeing those pictures of you celebrating your 50th Italia Style. Good luck and hopefully you're do so well that you'll be kicking our jacksies LOL
  4. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Thanks Samalama :)
  5. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Well-Known Member

    Goodluck hun you can do it :)
    Looking forward to seeing your piccie of your 50'th looking skinny and fabulous!
  6. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    So tomorrow I jump back onto the wagon :) Strangly I'm looking forward tp having something to focus on. I'm going to write everything I eat down in a note book and the type it into mfp when I get time later in the day.
  7. Legomom

    Legomom Well-Known Member

    Good luck for your new start :)

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  8. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Thanks Legomom.

    Well I hadn't put as much back on as I thought!! Although 6lbs is more than enough. I'm still feeling a bit run down but I'm back on my Thyroxin, so between that and sticking to a healthy cc diet I should be feeling better quite soon.

    I'm looking after a friends Vishlas's (?) this month for 3 weeks!! So they'll be plenty of walking at the end of the month (at least one 1 hour walk a day) although I'll prob have to drop down to 2 Zumba classes a week whilst looking after them as 1 of my classes is a 6.15 and by the time I've seen to the horses and then sorted the dog's out it will be to late to go to that class..
  9. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Well-Known Member

    Nice one hun. Glad you are back on track. I hope the medication kicks in soon and starts to make you feel better.

    Lot's of love xxx :)
  10. Bostik

    Bostik Well-Known Member

    Good luck :)
  11. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies..So far so good just about to see what's for lunch:)
  12. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Well yesterday started well but went down hill as my day got more hectick!!

    Today is another day. So forward planning and staying posative are the name of the game :)

    Doing the food shop today so stocking up on fruit and veg.
  13. Samalama

    Samalama Well-Known Member

    I really think that planning helps....hubby and I try and plan our weekend food together on a Thursday night. I then buy my Monday and Tuesday night dinner then the hubby plans Wednesday and Thursday with me and he shops for that and then before we know it we are back to Thursday night and writing the shopping list for the weekend!

    I eat a lot of salad and a little fruit, I find fruit eats too much into my calories but I like the odd nectarine at the moment.

    Hope the shopping went well.
  14. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    I wasn't going to post anything as things have gone from bad to worse and I didn't want to admit it :eek::break_diet:

    But then started mulling things over and thought well if I don't admit to myself that I'm not sticking to the plan then the only person who is losing out is me!!!

    So why aren't I treading the straight and narrow??

    1..My head isn't in the right place.
    2.. I'm house-sitting at the moment and they have a goodies draw.(which I've had to restock!!)
    3..When I get tiered I crave sugar! (Very tiered at the moment)
    4..I set myself up for failure before I start:17729:

    The thing is I know what I need to do too loose the weight. I've done it before..
    It's not like I look at myself and think..Whoop, whoop. I 5ft tall, size 18 and sooooooooo sexy.

    As soon as I log off I'm going to go off and write myself a letter of the things I'm going to achieve with a time scale on them. May sound a bit daft but it dose work...

    So sorry about my feeling sorry for myself rant but just needed to clear my head..
  15. Bostik

    Bostik Well-Known Member

    You can do it! :) You know what you need to do and why you haven't been doing it. That's perfect for getting back on the horse :)
  16. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    O.K.....Organization is the key to this..

    I have 2 more days of house sitting. The perfect time to start 30 Day Shred.. I've got the DVD at the house along with my Zumba toning sticks (nearest thing I have to weights).

    I've taken some fruit over for snacking and I'll also take some almonds.

    Another thing I know helps me is if I have my main meal at lunchtime, so I'll be doing that as often as I can.

    An added bonus tomorrow is the road between the village and where I'm h/s is closed tomorrow (finally fixing pot holes :D) So I'm going to walk it instead of driving all the way around the detour. It's about 3miles both ways..

    Defo more positive
  17. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Well-Known Member

    Keep positive hun, like Bostik said, you know what you need to do. Monday tomorrow, start afresh and put the last few days behind you.
    You definitley did the right thing posting on here. You need to admit these things to yourself before you can move on.
    If it makes you feel any better, I just sat and ate a whole bag of mini croissants!!!
    Lots of hugs xxx
  18. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

    Dont let yourself get too down about it hun. I personally find it helps not to think about the big picture of losing weight, instead i like to think about what i need to do day to day to lose weight. So i think i need to exercise so many days a week, and i need to eat healthy meals each day. I do also like to have a rough plan of what ill eat each day and find it helps too.
  19. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies.. My head is in a better place now.. I sat down and wrote myself a letter, maybe I should call it an essay of how bad things have been in the past and how far I've come in life ( not just weight issues although I do think past problems do have a hand in my weight problems).. Writing it all down dose make me realise if I can get through all c**p I had to growing up and now have a posetive attitude (on the whole anyway :D). Then all I need to do is apply that attitud to my dieting and I'll get there in the end.

    Once again thanks for the support.
  20. LittleSis

    LittleSis Well-Known Member

    Well I think I can say my head is inthe right place this morning... I started the day with day 1 of 30 Day Shred :clap::clap:
    and there is no way I'm doing that first thing in the morning and then going off track.. My thighs still haven't forgiven me :)
  21. Legomom

    Legomom Well-Known Member

    Lol check you out :) Monday morning shredding!!! Very brave!! Good to see your feeling so much more positive! I think shifting the pounds is all about having your head right! Have a great day!!

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