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Fat and 50!! I think not..

I'm really hoping you got to do the Shred this morning poppet!

I have to say it really annoys the crap out of me when people try and get me to eat bad stuff - everyone at work knows I have changed my eating pattern and yet they can't help but offer me a bloody biscuit... I just smugly turn round and tell them it's been X weeks since my last biscuit and I'm not changing my ways now... then you get the exclamation of "why do you need to lose weight, you're lovely as you are!" Why do these people insist on speaking such utter crap..... do they want me to die?!.... I am clearly overweight at least 5 stone overweight ... how can I honestly look lovely?... just because I smile a lot? ..... Sorry but people reallly annoy me now if I looked waif like and said I'm trying to lose weight then fair-game .... although even I understand how a size 6 chick can feel like they need to lose some weight it's all effin' relative!

Oooops I've just ranted in your diary... sorry about that... I'll get off my soap box now!
Sam, I wrote exactly about this in my diary a couple of days ago (here's the link to the post: http://www.minimins.com/calorie-cou...dition-maintain-67lb-loss-10.html#post3820619 ) It's me trying to shed some light on the peskyness of other peoples expectations of you on a diet. I'm not a marvellous writer but it's worth having a look to see that you're not alone :)
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Not a problem Samalama :D


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So. I've had a real up and down weekend...

Started Saturday with a blazing row with my OH..During which I told him I didn't appreciate him farming me out to family and friends, telling them I'd jobs for them when I'm already running around like a headless chicken and how am I meant to have time to do housework if he's telling people I'll do buffet, shopping runs, ect. for them!!! Also said that after 19 years together it would be nice if he would except I have a health condition (hypothyroid) that means I'm prone to put on weight and feel tiered and run down and just because you can't see anything obvious doesn't mean I don't have the condition. Why do you think I take my pills everyday? Why do you think I don't have to pay for my prescription? A lot of other stuff was said.Mainly by me!

I started up as Jamie at Home consultant recently (hope not breaking the rules posting that!). He doesn't understand it takes time to build a client base. I'm not sure why as he runs his own successful business. So I explained it takes time and I'm doing this, this and this. Just bear with me it takes time and I'd have more time if you didn't go around telling people I'd do things for them (sorry repeating myself there a bit :0 )
Ended up with him bending over backwards to be nice for the rest of the weekend. Now the trick is to make sure he keeps up with the good behaviour!!

Sorry ranted on a bit.

Anyway end result food wise was Saturday not the best. Sunday good. Monday morning me feeling very determined :D
Good to hear! :) And good you talked to him. Seems he understands now :)
Sometimes a huge blow out of emotions is the only way to go. Me and my OH bicker all the time, but every 2 months or so we have a blazing row and it seems to clear the air.

I'm sorry you are feeling so put upon ans unappreciated though. It is terrible to feel like that, you almost feel invisible!
I get a exactly what you mean about your illness. I also have an "invisible" illness, and I am just about at my wits end havibg to explain myself to people!! I now just don't bother and let people think I am strange!! :D

Lots of love hun xxx


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Thanks for the support ladies.
Squeezyweezy. I'm sure half the village think I'm strange :D There was a time it would bother me but these days I just think if you don't want to take the time to get to know me that's your problem ;P...

I've found my book on "explaining the thyroid" so I'm going to give it to him to read. Then I think it will sink in... If not I'll just have to beat him over the head with a wet lettuce leaf :D


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I happy to say things are going along nicely :) My OH even said I can use hie Discovery tonight!! I have to go and do a J.a.H party and my poorly old car would not have got me there..

Food wise I've not been writing everything down but I am a wear of what I'm eating and making the right choices. I'll get today out the way and as from tomorrow make sure I keep track of what I'm eating in mfp.

Also get back into my exercise routine!! :character00115: I need to get some walking in this week as I will be doing a lot starting next week. My friend is going away and I'm looking after her two Vishla's. Those two take a lot of walking :chores016:..Still it's all extra cals burnt :D


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Just not fitting extra exercise in at the moment!!:character00115: To many things to do during the day. I think I'm going to have to bight the bullet and get up at silly o'clock:4635:, do the shred. That will set me up for the day.

I didn't get to eat my main meal yesterday due to bad planing on my part!! I was so busy all day and although I made the meal (home made spag. bol.) I didn't have time to eat it at lunch time, then I didn't get home from J.a.H party til 11.20 which seemed a little late to sit down and have a large meal.:eat::eatdrink023: So I was a very good girl and had some fruit and a few almonds instead :innocent0002: (Makes a change!!):)

Now if I can just keep that mindset I might get somewhere :D
Ohh you're like my mum! She doesn't think it's right to eat her dinner if it's past a certain time. Always says "That would just lie in my stomach!!". For her though I think she's too caught up on the whole "eating at night makes you fat" myth. She's also big on the 90's fad of eating the less carbs the better. If she does have carbs, it's usually one slice of bread or a tiny amount of pasta - but she can easily go for months without eating the stuff. It's funny how these fad diets along the way have really engrained on people!
Well done on the fruit and almonds :)


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Lost 1lb this week, Not bad as I haven't fitted in much exercise this week other than what I normally do.

Happyhealthy. I promise you if I'd eaten a large meal that late I would have been ill :p Still it was very nice the next night :)
Well done on the loss :)
I can eat late night at night I'm just far too lazy to cook or face the washing up ;)

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I had one of those "you daft bat" moments whilst poop scooping the fields this morning (let it not be said that I don't live a fast and exciting life:banana dancer:)

I was thinking to myself "why aren't you getting your arse into gear and getting on with your exercise??" To which I replied?? "I don't do exercise :p" "May I remind you, you used to play netball for you school!! and you used to walk all the time rather than get the bus!!"

I feel I should point out I wasn't having this conversation out loud because that would be a little bit too crazy :brainfart: However I do find thinking things over when I'm mucking out or doing the fields gets my head straight :)

So I came to the conclusion that I just need to get back into the habit....
Next weeks mission is to get motivated :whacky068:


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I have out loud conversations with myself all the time when I think I'm on my own :) I think you're right though, exercise is a habit it's so easy to get out of and then we think of ourselves as being "not very sporty" and it gives us an excuse. Good luck with starting a new exercise regime, you'll feel better for it and weight will come off easier.

Just out of interest, do you own horses or work with them? I'm so jealous, it's my lifes dream to have a horse. When I was out walking yesterday I went past a woman walking the most beautiful (if a bit nervous) bay shirehorse, it reminded me that I really must get back into riding, I miss being around horses so much.
Well done on the loss hun. And good luck with the motivation next week. I think it is something that we all lack from time to time.
Exercise here you come!!!! :D


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TTfan. I have my own mare Spider she is half Welsh section B and half Arab and a right little madam :) I look after a friends horses in exchange for her stabling and keep. So there are 4 in total and 2 of them are retired. I used to work full time as a live in groom on stud/showing yards. In fact I worked on the yard where Spider was born. Long hours, great fun and an appalling diet. For me not the horses :D I always say if I took the same care of myself as I do the horses I'd be super healthy :)
Well done hun! :)


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Well I've found a foolproof way to not go mad at a BBQ....

I'll set the scene..One of village pubs held an Argentinian BBQ (we have a lot of Polo yards in the area, so lots of Argentian grooms).

Anyway the OH and I get there and the meat is cooking over the fire pit, corigated iron sheets behind to reflect the heat. All looks impresive. 3 carcesses. 1lamb,1 deer and 1/2 a pig.

When we were told the meat was ready my OH went up to get us a roll each (the guys cut the meat up and put it out in trays, you help yourself). I told him don't get me venison (very healthy opion I know but I only like it in a casserole as I find it too strong).......
So he comes back. Passes me my roll (you know whats coming don't you??) I bite into it. One mouthful. Just managed to swollow it :jelous: and that was the end of the BBQ for me!!

Back home bowl of porridge :)

I have to say it's the first time I have ever come away from a BBQ hungry!!! :eek:


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True very true :)

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