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Fat Families - anyone watching the new series?


I will be a yummy mummy!
Has anyone been watching this? It's on every weekday at the mo on Sky 1 at 8pm I think - I'm a serial sky plusser so never watch anything when it's actually on!

I LOVE Steve Miller - I think he's so motivational!

Last night I watched Tuesday's show (again thanks to Sky Plus!) about the family from Barry - I couldn't believe how much weight they all lost!!

Especially the daughter in law - she's around the same weight as me and managed to drop nearly 3 stone and go from a size 20 to a size 14 in just 9 weeks - incredible!!
Christ I can't even manage that in 9 months lol!!
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i love that programme,but it always makes me hungry..i think they all rely on each other for motivation and exercise quite alot..i cant do that..i wish they could do it where he shows u exactly what they eat in the day and how much exercise they do,may give u idea y they lose what they do..i just accept i will lose slowly and carefully and touch wood it hasnt gone back on..keep on u will do it,if u lose even 2lb per week on average u will get that stone..keep motivated and good luck


I will be a yummy mummy!
On the sky 1 website there are a few recipes and tips.
Quite basic general healthy eating stuff though.

Here's the website:
Fat Families - Sky1 HD

On there are Jessica's Golden rules:
  • Never skip meals
  • Eat regularly – 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks
  • Always eat protein and carbohydrate together at meals and snacks – the protein slows down the breakdown and release of sugar into your bloodstream and keeps you fuller for longer
    Switch from white foods to high fibre ‘brown’ – whole grains – wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholewheat pasta. Try mixing half white, half brown to start.
  • Eat a minimum 6 portions fruit and vegetables per day (no more than 3 fruit) go wild with veg!! Eat as much as you can, it will fill you up and do you lots of good!
  • Eat red meat and bacon twice a week maximum (turkey mince is a good alternative TO BEEF)
  • Enjoy 1 pudding a week. Stick to fruit with plain yogurt any other time if you want something sweet after a meal
  • All fast food and take away food
  • Anything deep fried
  • White bread including French sticks/baguettes
  • Reduce/cut out carbonated drinks (see below)
  • All cakes and biscuits including croissants
  • Crisps
  • Sweets and chocolate (plain dark chocolate, 70% cocoa is allowed -only 2 squares per portion as a special treat)
  • 6 – 8 glasses water (minimum - these can be herbal teas)
  • If you drink fruit juice make sure it’s pure fruit juice and dilute with water (half juice, half water) 1 per day maximum
  • 2 cups tea or coffee maximum (no sugar)
  • Swap carbonated drinks for water with lots of fresh lemon and lime slices.
i love the show aswell i drive my oh insane with all the diet programmes this biggest loser fat doctor kirstie alley big fat life and lorraine kelly big fat challenge but i find it keeps me motivated so hes cool with it


I will be a yummy mummy!
i saw the 2 guys from Portsmouth - they lost 3 stone in like 8 weeks!!! each!!!!! x

Amazing x
They were amazing! And it was so sad when they got upset - they clearly thought the world of each other.
I couldn't watch when Steve made them stir the pizza in the bowl though and was nearly sick when he made them drink the fat - uuuurrrrghhhh


A happy downward spiral
I adore this show.
I get all emotional.
The Turner family from Barry. WOWZA.
They did AMAZING!
I love the revisited shows even more when they go back 6 months later and show what theyve done on their own.
I love the way the words FAT and LARD aren't swear words! He's always calling people massive fatties because they actually are and they need to melt the lard or they could die, sometimes a bit of straight if brutal talking is needed!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I think it is a great show, what a wonderful opportunity to go on the show, not sure I would enjoy the camera bit close up on my fat bits !!!!!


Silver Member
I love the show - makes me laugh when he yells at them MELT THAT LARD :D

Don't think I can ever enjoy a takeaway pizza again without thinking about that glass of fat - eurgh!
They were amazing! And it was so sad when they got upset - they clearly thought the world of each other.
I couldn't watch when Steve made them stir the pizza in the bowl though and was nearly sick when he made them drink the fat - uuuurrrrghhhh

Ha ha love love love this show "come on massive fatties!!!"can't believe they drank the fat! also can't believe how much they were eating! no wonder they lost so much in 8 wks totally changing their diets.lol i'm not jealous honest :eek:


I will be a yummy mummy!
Watched the family who were on Wednesday night (not sure where they were from?)
And the girlfriend really annoyed me at the beginning - she kept getting really upset but wouldn't stick to it! Did really well in the end and I loved the maxi dress she wore during the reveal.
Can't believe how much better the boyfriend looked! Looked like a different guy.
Did feel quite sorry for his mum though - she seemed quite lonely. Bless her eating biscuits for her breakfast!
We got Sky installed on Friday so I'm going to be series-linking this this week :D

Think my hubbie is going to regret getting Sky! And it was me who didn't want it as I'm sure I'll get subjected to Discovery Shed at all hours of the day :rolleyes:.

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