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Fat friend- What a week

Hi All

My name is Sammy I am 22 and live in Ipswich with my husband and dog. Had the shock of my life when I realised I had crept up to 27st2lb.

I have tried dieting before and lost a stone or 2 then given up. I dont know why, i should be more motivated cos a few days doesnt go past without me ending in tears and feeling sh*tty about myself.

I am day 2 in to WW and alreadfy feeling crappy, really want to do well but just dont feel like I have the support. Its so difficult when all my friend are 10-11 stone and tell me alsorts but they dont understand.

Even family r making fat jokes at my expense now and I am fed up of it, weeping as I am typing yet dont feel like I can do it.

I have 13.5-14st to lose I just wish I could believe...:cry:
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aawww hun *hugs*
You will get all the support you need here everyone is lovely.
You CAN lose the weight,keep posting here and we'll help you on your journey.

I am the same as you. I'll lose some weight then go and put it all back on again and just wanna kick myself! Just this last month I lost 1 stone and have managed to put it all back on again.
It is so hard to stay motivated especially when there is so much weight to be lost (I have nearly 11 stone to lose) but its possible,just check out the success stories on here :)

oh and I understand how you feel about being the fat friend. I am always the biggest one in my group of friends. And my best friend only weighs 7stone!

If you ever need to chat then rant on here or feel free to contact me (I think my email addy is in my profile)

Claire x
Thanks Starlight- have posted one on WW Thread, so hopping to get support there too. x

Thanks Butterfly - Dont you hate "sticking" out in a group of friends...I am 6"4 so its bad enough as it. What diet r u doing?

Got no support offline (except hubby) so glad I can get some here! Just feel like I am cheating cos i get so many points that i feel like I am eating too much!

Yep I stick out like a sore thumb and I hate it. Plus I hate going to restaurants/pubs etc coz Im always worried I'll sit on a chair and it'll break or that we'll be somewhere busy and everyone else will be able to squeeze their skinny selves past people and tables but I cant. So feel uncomfortable and paranoid all night :(

Well I was just healthy eating and going to the gym but thats not worked. Ive tried lighterlife twice!
As of sunday I will be taking xenical and eating a very low fat diet.

Good luck to you on weight watchers. I guess you wouldn't be given points if you didn't need that many so enjoy them while you can coz as you lose weight you will get less points!
Thats exactly what hubby said! I lose a point when I hit 26st something so hoping that beacuse I have started at 27st2 i might lose 3 lbs this week and say goodbye to 27s!

My other big bug bear in pubs/evil foody places (formerly known as restaurants) is chairs with arms..... especially the outdoor-sie types. Hate the blooming things!!!

Glad I not the only one who feels like this, we can hopefully get through this xx


Silver Member
You CAN do it. I remember thinking it can't be done, it's a year tomorrow since I started truly working on it so this exact time last year I was an emotional mess alternating between excitement that I will finally change my life and crying incontrollably that I can't do it. I'm SO happy I didn't listen to my negative side for once!

Fingers tightly crossed for loads of will power for a few weeks and then habit will help you along and in a few months you won't remember exactly how you felt today.
You have lost over 130lb...WOW :-o

You're an inspiration and thanmks for the support! x
goodluck with your journey you can do it and i am sure as your friend realise that you are serious this time they will start supporting you more. i think that to start with my mates were thinking oh here we go again sarah will be on a diet for 2 weeks and then stop. now -5st9 later they are great . until then you will get loads of support on here . i have never done weightwatchers but i know that for lots of people it works and it will work for you just stick with it my friend .
Hi Chunky

I'm sorry that you are feeling so sad. Just try to take it one day at a time hour by hour, minute by minute. You can do it, you just have to believe. Even if you have a slip just keep going try not to beat yourself up about it and keep going. Some people are able to take the straight route to weight loss others take a more scenic.

Also start concentrating on your future and let go of the past. I have walked the pathway you have with chairs, restaurants, aeroplanes, buses trains, all of these things held dread for me, even now I sometimes forget I am not as fat as I was and on the bus I start squeezing myself into the side of the bus trying to make myself smaller, lol as if that was really possible.

Make a small goal and treat yourself with things non fattening, get your nails done, buy a nice moisturiser, learn massage, good for your skin and hubby's.

Good luck on your journey and if fancy a chat just pm me.
Jenks - I think you could be so right...I never thought of it like that. They prob are thinking I will just give up after 2 weeks so hopefully after that point they will perk up a bit! Well done on your 5st so far. It was a toss up between WW and SW so if i plateu (spelling argh!! lol) I will be coming for advice on poss switching :)

Pancras - Thank you for you kind words. 164lb...amazing! How have you done it? You got me thinking about planes now....I have a flight booked for October, goal - not to need a seatbelt extender!!

Best get off for today (mini-addict already lol) Hoping to get up 30 mins earlier and walk the LONG way to work, wish me luck :) x
The longest journey starts with the first step and you've taken that by going to WW! Instead of focusing on the things you've yet to do focus on the things you HAVE done! You've admitted you've got to do something about your weight and you're doing it, most people would think sod it I've got too much to lose and I'll never do it so why bother? You have the support of your husband, us here and your determination, you can do it!
Thanks Sugar.

Todya didnt quite go like planned...instead of getting up 30 mins earlier got up 20 mins late oooopss! But instead of hopping in car I walked still so feeling a bit proud lol. Glad I did drive actually as had quite a lot of snow in the afternoon so wouldnt have liked to drive home!

Was someones birthday in the office today so lots of cakes and choc argh!! Avoided well thankfully!!

Have eaten really well today lots of salad and fruit so not many points eaten at all. Having for dinner beef and onion shortcrust pastry roll ( how naughty does that sound!!!) with mash and onion gravy, Beacuse I am allowed so many points on WW though all easily falls within my points :) That will still actually leave me about 8 points so maybe a glass of wine is in order!

Hope you all had a good day! x

Just wanted to say good on you for starting WW, I tried that diet a year or so ago and think it is definately worth a good go, I found the diary you can write all the food and points down in was very motivating for me. Although have to confess I went through a bad patch and gave up WW.

Also, I know exactly where your coming from, I was at my heaviest (6-7yrs ago) 24 stone, Yes, I am still struggling to actually shift the weight but have gone down by 5-6 stone in that time, and Im certain you will too.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your progress :)
a hug for you
chin up
family should really try to be supportive its hard enough
being over weight without being the butt of jokes
I think we've all been through the yoyo sydrome
so most of us can relate to that
Thanks for ur kind words.

Eaten well today and even walked to work despite the freezing snow!! Need to get a bit more energy burnt, bed back so need something fairly low impact, dont know what to do though?! x
Thanks for ur kind words.

Eaten well today and even walked to work despite the freezing snow!! Need to get a bit more energy burnt, bed back so need something fairly low impact, dont know what to do though?! x
You could go swimming, you work alot of your body without even realising it, but dont do what I used to and end up sitting in the spa ;)

If your not that active just yet, even brisk walking but for a longer time, I started doing a 30 min walk and then slowly increasing my time out.

You could get a Excersise DVD, I was trying Davina, only managed about 40 mins before nearly dying but it gets the heart rate up and will help speed up your metabolism.

Hope that helps a little :)
Thanks hun, think swimming is not an option just yet - swimming costume :eek: lol.

Have started walking a little but at my size, 15mins kill me! But going to try increase it like you say x
Thanks hun, think swimming is not an option just yet - swimming costume :eek: lol.

Have started walking a little but at my size, 15mins kill me! But going to try increase it like you say x
I know what you mean, I decided last year to join a gym and went with a friend who was a size 8-10! It almost killed me, I wore a Tankini with shorts over the top to hide me abit, So I know exactly what you mean, I think I just truely think swimming is one of the most effective ways of excersise but I must admit Im not doing that at the moment.

you have to think if 15 mins kills you, then its doing something, so every step you take is taking you to the newer you, Like I said I did about 30 mins and now am able to walk between 1.30-2hrs a time it all takes time, and beleive me I still have a very long way to go myself, but we'll do it :)