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    Hello Everyone,

    I have found myself here because I'm getting married on 15th September, I'm supposed to be wearing my Mum's 1980s size 14 dress and I'm currently a size 20. Yesterday I had a massive meltdown so today I decided I had to do something.


    My problem is sugar and so I'm going cold turkey. Has anyone else tried? I feel pretty determined but just really stressed; I am so stressed about ruining my own wedding just because I couldn't lose weight. I don't want to be miserable on my wedding day and I really don't want to let everyone down.

    Hopefully I can do this. I have to do this.

    Come and say hello; I need as much help as I can find.

    Aims xx

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  3. Smuffin

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    Hiya Amy,

    Firstly, I wouldn't worry to much hun. Your wedding is meant to be one of the best days of your life, don't let it be a day that you're dreading that you'll still be a size 20 when it arrives! Your partner want's to marry you for you, whether you're a size 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 28 etc etc! That being said, it is nice that you have something that motivates you, I.E Fitting into the dress. Just don't panic too much and do the best you can, if that means come the big day you're in a size 16 dress, that's still great!

    I would look up a diet, and stick with that. I did diet chef, had their breakfast biscuit, milkshake for lunch and then one of their ready meals for tea. Also had diet chef pop corn in the day, fruit, etc etc. There's other choices for brekkie,lunch etc and NO Exercise...I was a complete couch potatoe lol.. and lost just over a stone in 2 months. The only downsides are it costs a lot (Roughly £180 a month+ depending on your plan choice), and the food does get boring, which is mainly why I gave up. Another thing is it doesn't teach you about how to be healthy for a lifetime.. For most people (me included), you need to diet, and realise its a life style choice or you'll go back to the starting weight. I've also tried 2 shake only diets (VLCD) mainly where you have 3 shakes a day then a low carb high protein meal.. The only thing is I've never found one where the shakes are nice.. or that I think I'd be able to stick to for many months and actually learn about foods to change my life style.

    Yesterday I joined Slimming world online(which you pay for) and have never felt so positive about losing weight. You get a list of free foods, which are foods you can eat ALL the time without worrying. Eat as much of it as you want whenever you want. The list is huge! A 2nd list of 'healthy' options which you should choose 2 of per day to include in your meal for example milk, cheese, bread, cereal, soup etc. And a third list which is the syn list, you're meant to have 5-15 syns per day this can be a can of coke, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, cakes etc etc. So you can still enjoy every day things! After I joined and read it all I was so shocked, it didnt sound like a diet at all.. and I'm so excited to take part in it all!

    If you're new to it all and don't want to jump straight into a big planned diet.. I would suggest swapping some things, like sugar for sweetner, White bread for whole meal, Cans of fizzy drink for sugar free drinks etc. And.. drink LOADS of water in a day, 2litres atleast. You'll be surprised how much some small changes can make a big difference. xx If you need any help at all or aren't sure on anything just shout :) xx
  4. Fat_Amy

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    Phew! I feel a lot calmer today, I took the weekend to get myself organised and sort my cupboards and shopping out and Today went well. I feel positive and like I can do this.

    I'm basically keeping away from sugar and processed stuff; keeping to water and the odd coffee and eating good but nice stuff.

    Today I had a two egg leek omelette for breakfast, carrot and cucumber sticks for dinner, a few almonds as a snack and pork chop with spinch and veg for tea.

    A good food day. Bring on Tuesday!

    Thanks for all the advice, Smuffin :) I read it this weekend and it really helped me focus on what I needed to do!

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    Hey I'd really advise slimming world seeing as you like eggs and leaks etc.. The extra easy plan you can eat as much fruit veg and lean meat as your heart contents ooh and pasta/ rice as well you never feel hungry either. I started on 2nd jan this year and have already lost 12.5lb (no exercise) and have already gone down to an 18 from a 20, its really doable. Like smuffin said don't worry too much as he wants to marry you for you! But I feel your goal is totally achievable, have a look at the plan online and I bet you won't look back :D x
  6. archers33

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    Hi, I've tried nearly every diet out there... weight watchers, 5:2, cambridge soup diet, slimming world, shakes... the list goes on. I lost weight on all of them, but I always put it all back on. I need to find something that will change my eating habits for life. In my opinion, ww or sw are probably the best at changing how I view food, and I've made some good lifestyle changes because of them. But you have to find what works for you. The diet that suits you best will be easiest for you, and you'll be able to stick to it.
  7. BRUNTY554

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    congrats on your wedding plans

    i too am getting married in September this year and I still need to lose some more weight. I started on calorie control in January and lost some weight but I was hungry and four weeks ago I started slimming world as I can eat and not feel guilty for eating. My shape is changing slowly and others have commented now which is nice

    i have lost a total of 1 stone and 2 pounds so far and want to lose another 3 stones if I can but that will be some going

    how are you getting on?
  8. justintringuyen

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    congatulation! just keep diet plan going. for me i just wanna share some my experience to help people want to slim. First: plan your own menu every day, eat more veg (just take what kind of veg you like to eat only). second: eat before your lunch/dinner time 20 min. third : drink water instead soft drink. forth: keep doing it till you get better result. with this tip i and my wife lost 3 kg per month. Good luck for those trying to slim
  9. Hi Amy! How are you ? It is passed Sept. How was your wedding? I hope everything turned out great at your very most special day!
    I also have problems with sugar. I love sweets just like any other people out there lol .
    You know, I came across with South Beach Diet Delivery South Beach Diet Delivery Click on the link provided. They offer a 7 day meal plan ready to eat meals prepared by prestigious chiefs. I found it exciting. They have healthy food recipes and the price is very affordable.
    Perhaps this could help you lose some weight.

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  10. sexylady18

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    I hope it was the luckiest day of life. I'm getting married next month too. Any advice on how I can lose some weight so I'd look fabulous on my wedding dress?
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