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Fat Intake


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Ok so I have been told that you have to eat no more then 15g fat per meal and no more then 5 grams per 100ml. I have been on Xenical for almost 4 weeks and I have found that when I eat high in fat I loose more weight. I have been stuck at the same weight for 1 week now and I was getting fed up so I was bad and I ate a Aero Bar and I bought Pizza from a chippy, I didnt have the side effects and I lost 2 lbs, I finally broke the weight I have been stuck at for a week now.
Im confused because some threads say to eat low in fat but doesnt the pill work as the more fat you eat the more fat it keeps out of your body. And I also found that when I eat peanuts to up my fat intake that also helps me to loose weight.
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Im just wondering because I have seen so many people on here saying they they dont eat much fat like 8-10g per meal and they arent losing weight yet when I go over the 15g I do loose weight.
I am going to have to ask my doctor what he thinks.
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Ummm a strange one. Are you sure the weight loss was not a "catch up" from previous good days?

I know when I have cheated I have had side effects.

I think one of the main ideas of sticking to the 5g per 100 fat rule is to teach us to eat healthy all the time. Otherwise when we stop the Xenical the weight will just pile back on.

x Nee x

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Thats definately an interesting one...

See I have been keeping my fat real low, and found I stood still at my weight, had a pizza last weekend and looks like I may have lost some weight... but yes had the slip up at the weekend but since then and before then was being really good.

However, In my eyes, the pill is to aid you into a healthy eating plan, and I dont think it should encourage people to eat more fat than they would perhaps have otherwise.

Im not sure, I suppose even if you have something really really fatty, then even tho' it helps to remove 30% of this fat, you would still have a higher intake on the fat eaten... therefore gaining weight?


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S: 16st6lb C: 16st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I normally eat healthy and like others I struggle to get to even 10g of fat sometimes, breakfast is normally only 3g for me. But the last 2 times I have had pizza I lost 2 lbs. It just seems weird to go for 7 days not loose a thing then when I eat something fatty like that I loose it. I'm not saying people should try and eat fattier foods because yes when they do go off of the pills they will gain it back. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this as well. I am back to my healthy eating as I am in a better mood and want to change my eating habits.


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I spoke with a pharmasist at Boots and she said that you have to try to eat atleast 10g of fat per meal.. 15g is the MAX not the average that u should eat. If you eat too few fat and also too few calories your body goes in to starvation mode and it holds on to all the fat that is in ur body.. so u dont lose ( i was stuck in that cycle for 6 months prior to xenical and 1 month on xenical) i upped my fat intake in a healthy way (2 toast instead of one, not chocolate or peanuts) and also upped my calories with healthier choices and the weight started coming off... VERY SLOWLY though. Im a very slow loser, maybe due to the fact that i have less to lose. But for me 2 lbs A MONTH is better than being stuck on the same weight for 7 months!

You need to find a healthy balance of fat and calories to cover your intake without indulging in BAD food and without starving your body. Its not easy but its do-able.

Good luck xx
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Hi when i was doing SW the rule was 2 days to put the weight on on the scale after eatting what you shouldn't and up to a week to register it coming off when being really good. Ketosis (not sure i have spelt that right:confused:) is the body going into starvation not enough calories fat etc... this can lead to alsorts of problems not losing weight is just one of them. it is all about have the right amount of the right type of fat. saturated fat is bad it is the one the clogs you up gives you celulite and is worst for weight gain and heart failiure things that contain it are butter, fatty red meat, chocolate, cheese, pizza the list goes on but you get the picture it is all about the right types of fat in the right amounts to stay healthy. sorry if it sounds like i am going on just don't want you to give up:D

I am a slow loser i lost 2 stone in

3 ........................................................................................................................... years that is why i am trying xenical see if it can speed things up abit, slow loss is more likely to stay off though.;)

the first small goal

Crystalfaery xx :angel:


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i spent a week being MEGA low fat, lost nothing, i have now upped my fat intake healthily i may add, and am feeling better in myself, not feeling hungry and feeling like i am starving myself, we will see what this week brings in terms of weight loss:S


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S: 16st6lb C: 16st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I definitly think that you need to eat meals fairly high in fat (not over 15g tho) in order for the pills to work, thats why some docs say if your eating no fat or really really low fat then there is no point taking the pills. But im one of those people that take the pill even when I eat low fat, I dont want to start skipping and forgetting to take them.

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