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Fat Pants

Spanx, magic knickers..... whatever you want to call them.

I am currently between a size 14 and 16 in most things, but I hate the lumps and bumps that show under my clothes as I am losing the weight. I do have an "apron" after two 10lb babies and being overweight for 10 years and am hoping it will shrink as the weight loss continues but in the meantime I am looking for the best way to disguise it.

Ive tried the magic knickers from marks and they do slim the tummy, but they push all the fat over the waistband so you end up with a muffin top (or perhaps I need a bigger size lol)

So after that long ramble, can anyone recommend the best fat pants to hold it all in.

My husband suggested they would need eyeholes though if they were going to fit head to toe, pmsl. he nearly went to work with a black eye.
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sam sorry but i did have a giggle at ur post lol i havnt bought them sort of knickers as of yet but im sure i will be coming back to this post when everything starts to droop as the weight comes off!

judy xx
ooooh! definitely Spanx they are fantastic, I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone that would listen.

I bought Trinny and Susannah's magic knickers and they were poor in comparison, got a bit of 'roll down' and not the same 'secure feeling' I get with spanx.

only thing is my spanx are too big now, I got them at my biggest and 2 1/2 stone down I need smaller ones now, just to give that lovely smooth silloutte, brill with jeans, dresses anything (and the 'hole' is a definite bonus :D)
I got a pair from rigby and pellar and they are high ones that come to below your bra line, to be honest i have found that they are fantastic if you get the firm hold ones but like an exercise class in their own when you have to put them on and get them off for a wee lol

I also have ones that come down to above your knee but i find i can see line where they stop.

I saw myself naked the other day when coming out of shower and now pretty sight, have huge apron of skin after 6 pregnancies and losing weight but know i can cover it up with clothes so prefer extra skin to being 20stone 7lb lol

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Yes Spanx are the original and the best!

I buy mine from ebay in the US, even with the shipping they are cheaper than here.

Also, Spanx are sized by weight - so make sure you get the right size otherwise you won't get them past your knees!

I have worn them at my heaviest and now and will continue to wear them - for clingy/jersey clothing they do give a fabulous silhouette.



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I dont know about which pants but I did buy the trinny n susanah body shaper which is very very good as it goes up to my bra takes inches off your midrif, belly, bum and thighs and you cant see any lines.

It would definately be a passion killer :eek:;):p


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I have the trinny & susannah pants which go just under the bra to the top of your knees, I don't wear them that often as I feel VERY restricted in movement with them, But have to say they do what they say they'll do..

So anyone got the spanx as well, as everyone seems to like them..

The thing I dont like is the material, it's quite rigid although stretchy if you know what I mean, :rolleyes:
The ones that go up to your bra - does your spare tyre not make them roll down to your waist?
The ones that go up to your bra - does your spare tyre not make them roll down to your waist?
the ones ive viewed online actually hook on to your bra so they cant roll down. would be interested to hear from someone who has tried these particular ones though
I haven't tried the spanx that hook up to your bra but the ones that come up to your bra without attaching don't move or roll down

the trinny & susannah ones I tried were exactly the same style, knees to boobs (but without a hole!) and did not always stay put!
I brought some from figleaves.com. They do reviews on them, and I bought the cheapest at £7.50. They are on the waist and down to the knees. They haven't rolled down and dont give me a muffin either! However, no hole, but not so difficult to visit the smallest room cos they don't go so far up.:D
I always wear Sloggi max support to help tum look a little flatter!


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