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Fat question

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I'm no expert, but from what I've been told i believe it's 5g in every 100g. So something could be a 25g pack at 5g of fat but in 100g it would be 20g of fat so not within the rule.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but i hope this helps for now.



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Yep Clare that's how I understand it
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good question! never thought of it like that, if that is the case then i think ive been eating things i shouldnt, like crisps are 2.1g of fat for the bag i think, so 100g would be around 8.4g... oops x
That's what made me ask as I'd struggled to find crisps with fat content less than 5 per 100gms but been reading some diarys and they'd had crisps so I was a bit confused!!x
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Yep the 5% rule is 5g of fat per 100g of food product, and your meals should come to no more than 15g of fat. Some people (myself included) can have things like walkers baked crisps that are over the 5% rule and get no side effect. Unfortunately not everyone reacts the same, so what gives me no side effect could give blonde8 a side effect pretty quickly and cokes a side effect 72 hours later.
A lot of foods that are just over the 5% rule ( say up to 10% fat) are trial and error.
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OMG.!!! i just always thought it was 5% in per portion.the french fries i thought were 3g per packet are actually 10g per 100g. im cross with myself now
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autumn - if you have managed to still lose weight and have not had any side effects that I wouldn't worry about it.

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