Fat Wedding Pics

Trim T

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I've been looking through my wedding album this morning, looking for some nice pics to put in a lovely frame my mother-in -law bought for us.

There's not 1 pic I like! I really wish I'd been motivated enough to lose the weight before we got married! Don't misunderstand I was only a size 14, not exactly HUGE, but looking back, i'm really disappointed.

2 1/2 years later and now a size 8/10 I wish we could do it all again.

I can now fit me and probably all 3 of my children in my wedding dress that was too tight on the day!!!

Those photos cost over £1000 and now I'll probably hate them forever.
Just had a look at your pics on here, couldn't get the one at your heaviest to come up bigger so I couldn't see it properly, but WOW you look great now!

Sounds like you need to renew your vows just so you can wear the dress of your dreams...although it's a bit soon really isn't it?!

At least you can look back at your wedding photos and know that your husband loves you for whatever you are xx