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Fat women 'have fat daughters'


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I just caught this on the news myself.

I think it could be linked to parents eating habits but surly it wouldn't matter if the child is a boy or a girl learning from either parent. Bad eating habits are passed on no matter what sex the child is.


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I think if you are aware of your problems you are less likely to pass them on. For example, I was taught to eat everything on the plate as a child. I know this has meant that if the plate is overpiled I would still eat it whether I was still hungry or not as I was programmed to do so. I make sure my daughter never feels she has to clear her plate - she is praised for trying a bit of everything yet never praised for clearing her plate. A small example but it sort of illustrates one thing and there are many more habits that we can make sure we don't pass on.
Hmmm, I'm 50/50 on this one. I have a weight problem now, but that's due to bad habits I learned from myself! My entire family have weight problems and I never wanted to turn out like them so I made sure that I didn't.
As a kid I was never encouraged to eat my fruit and veg etc...I don't even think we were served fruit and veg. I got myself into the habit of healthy eating and exercie when those vain teenage years kicked in. My sister, a very late developer, is starting to consider her diet and exercise now and she's nearly 21.

Better late than never I guess


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hmmm interesting, that ties in with one of my cousins


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hmm interesting...

both my parents eat very healthily, and i was skinny as a child. but recently when i got money and freedom, i began eating.

while i may not look hugely big, i am now officially the fattest person out of all my cousines.

i think society as a huge role to play. fast food is too cheap and too available.


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My mother was always very slim, my sister was always very slim and I was tiny before I had my children and got into a very unhappy relationship!
Only later in life has my mother started to put on weight and my sister is still slim....
My daughter is a size 8 and she eats healthily most of the time.
I've never stressed about what she ate as a child, unlike my ex's mother, who started telling her about putting on weight when she was 6!! I was very unhappy about this as told her so...
Hopefully she will stay slim and not fall into the same habits as I did..
We have ourselves to blame really. I was brought up to finish the food on my plate, purely because it was a struggle when I was growing up and my parents couldn't afford to waste anything or (as we do these days) feed each child something different!!
I moved out, started fending for myself and was ok, until I ate myself into the size I was because I was very unhappy...Even when trying to lose the weight then I was constantly put down and critisized!! Why I stayed I can't answer that question...
I am now in a very happy relationship with a lovely man who loves me for who I am, and I am now more determinded than ever to lose the weight...
Hopefully I shall..

Sorry for waffleing xxxxxx

Good luck to everyone on their own journeys to their desired weight..

Hmm not sure about this one..my DD is almost 19 and weighs about 8 and a half stone and wears a size 8/10.

My fear was that she would have a weight problem like me but she has always been very slim.
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I will post pics of me and my daughter in the near future. She is slim, doesn't eat sweeys or chocolate. I feed her properly, Being fat she sees the consequences of eating junk, she's 7.
I once saw a huge family in Sainsburys. The 4 of them 2 adults 2 kids were huge, their trolley was piled high with rubbish. There are definately people who don't get it.

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My mum weighed 6 stone before she had me! Granted, she is 4'11", but that's still not much. However when I was growing up I learned some bad food habits from her - how have they separated the behavioural influence from the genetic influence in this study?

I read about a study in New Scientist that showed if mothers were underweight (not sure if during or prior to pregnancy) then their offspring had greater appetites and laid down more fat, due to some kind of genetic switch being triggered.

Anyway it's obvious that the picture is more complex than this article is making out, and I'm sure that the researchers are aware of this, it's just typical journalistic reporting
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I don't think its in the genes I think it habits which are passed down. My mum is fairly big as well and I picked up a lot of bad habit from her. I can't blame her for my size as I picked up those habits and ran with them to develop twice as many.


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neither of my parents had or have a weight problem infact my dad still goes to the gym and runs and swimming most days, my problems started when i left home and could eat anything i wanted. i am trying my very best to make sure neither of my dds end up heavy. my dd1 is 5ft 4 at the age of 15, which is 2 ins taller than me so her weight is more evenly spread anyway.
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Sorry but that is a load of - pardon the pun - crap. I have 3 DD's and none of them are the same as I was as a child, I too was encouraged to eat everything on the plate, sometimes punished if it wasnt cleared. My Dad was tall but not overweight ( 6ft 3 and 13st) Birth mum was tall ish n 'rounded' (5ft 6 and 14st 4). My older brother is tall and slender, younger sisters are - 1 skinny and other curvy but cant call her fat. Me however - had bad eating habits due to violent, abusive relationship, then lonliness, then due to very bad period in my life, lost loads of weight to point I looked ill. I have never been happy with my size nor weight. I then met my OH and fell into 'comfy food' mode.. making meals and eating because I enjoyed the meals made. We activley encourage healthy eating to our DD's and always have. Eldest is 5ft 3 and 10st (but pregnant!), middle is 5ft 1 and 11st (growth spurt at min) and younger is 4ft 11 and 9st. Says a lot huh.. all 3 very different.
there is a simple phrase - we are what we eat.. and its very true. not enough emphasis on healthy eating, too much advertising of fast food and exercise is not encouraged enough either. We are a reasonably active family, walk a bit, use wii fit through the week and both myslef and DD no2 use my exercise bike..
cant do more than we are.. but I do not think these people who insinuate over genes playing a part - do the right type of investigative studies to prove their findings.. maybe if they did - it would show that personal choice rather than how a parent looks has a bigger role to play..

>> off my soapbox now.. :D
Yep that clearing the plate thing is a bummer every time i chuck food, in my head I can hear my dad going on about the starving children in Africa:rolleyes:

I don't think its genetic either but lifestyle. I used to be really skinny but have at various times in my life become over weight.

Our family is currently under tremendous stress . My husband is now disabled and my son longterm sick, my daughter and I are trying to cope. Lack of time means more quick convenience foods and to de stress we drink :rolleyes:
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My parents are average size(weight). My brother is slim: 5ft11 and 10.5st. My mother was a slim 8st until pregnancies, cesarians and insulin pushed her weight up to 11st, she eats 3 normal meals a day but due to the above her stomach is massive whilst arms and legs like matchsticks, and no bum!

I blame my weight gain since childhood on an addictive personality:food, alcohol and cigs, thankfully I never got into drugs.:eek: I was normal size until I had my first portion of cheese on toast at 4yo and that must've triggered the addiction because I ate cheese practically every day since so my point is you can be born into a family of normal size people, be fed normal portions but develop an addiction to a certain food/s and battle the weight lifelong, unless you get to grips with the addiction and get it under control, most successfully by going cold turkey (scuse the pun lol) from foods that trigger the response to eat more.

ETA: I just read that back to myself...you'd think I had my addiction sorted, if only! :giggle:


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this news doesn't surprise me. Statistically there are more and more fat people every year in Britain so it stands to sense that a lot of them will have overweight parents....... though a lot of the others will be the first in their family to join the ever-growing group of overweight people in society

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