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Hey guys im back not had a very good week fell off the wagon big time. my grandad died and have just had a terrible week.anyway im restarting again tomorro.cant wait as it will keep my mind off other things.so got my new weigh in on monday.
i see im not the only one to fall off the wagon but at least we are all here to get each other back on track.
so has anyone had there weigh ins today.
welcome to new members aswell.
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is a naughty girl...
I am sorry to hear about your grandad I hope you are ok? I am a newbie been doing the diet for nearly 2 weeks. still so excited about the whole thing and how I can see a difference in myself already :D

are you SS?
yes i am ssing how are you finding it.how much weight loss have you seen these last 2 weeks
Hi.. I'm a newbie too (doing the ss+ plan) been going just over two weeks now. Lost 8lbs the first week and 3 lbs the second week.... I can't imagine any other diet that would give you such fantastic losses in such a short space of time.

I'm sure if you've done it once, starting again will be easier the second time around :)
Hey, welcome back :) sorry to hear about your loss.

How are you finding things so far? It can be a little tough coming back to it, but lots have and have do so successfully which I'm sure you will! Good luck with it x
finding it alot harder second time round thought it would be easier but keen to stick to it..
Welcome back Louise. I'm so sorry about your grandad.
These are the times when it is most appealling to turn to food for 'comfort' so I think you are doing the right thing to get straight back to SS, taking that control can be your new way of coping, your strength.

I have my weigh ins on a Monday like you. My first was yesterday. I lost 13lbs which obviously is fanastic but I still find myself begrudging that last 1lb. I guess that is just me always looking for a negative in a sea of positives! haha

How are you today?


Mistress of the Dark
Welcome back!

Just noticed you are in Great Yarmouth which is about 45mins from me :D small world!

Sorry to hear about your grandad but pleased to hear you are taking positive steps! x


Going for Goal!
Hey hun,
So sorry to hear your sad news.
I really take my hat off to you for managing on ss while you are greaving. My HB Nan died (she was like a Nan to me too and I have known her a good 8 years) and I turned to food. So well done! :)

Big Hugs x x x
well done likealobster that is excellent.you soon drop the other 1lb and more this week.i hope i can lose just as much.

soontobelittlegem where bouts in norfolk are you?

thanks for all your support guys.x

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