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Fatkens diary

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by fatken, 15 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    Hi all . Been back on Sw since sat 10th and been posting on newbie section . Thought I would start a diary so people could see what's happening and chip in with any extra hints and tips . First done Sw back in 2004 to great success that saw me lose 8st which I did keep off fir about 3-4 years but unfortunately for last 3 years the weight has piled back on and in total have gained 7 st in that time !!!!!! Enough is enough and I'm now determined to do it again !!!!!!!! Starting weight - 20st 10 and waist 46-48 !!!!! Shocking !!!!!! My end target is ..... 14st and 36 waist !!!!!!!!! Bring it on !!
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  3. blossums

    blossums Well-Known Member

    Hiya :) I must admit to having managed to put almost all of my 9 stone loss on too
    All the best for this time around :)
  4. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Well-Known Member

    Good luck, you've done it before..you'll DEFINATELY do it again :)

    I too put on the 5+ stone I lost years ago..and some more to keep it company!!!!
  5. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    The same applies to you guys !! If we've done it before we can do it again ....plus ....we can learn from our mistakes and never put it back on !!!!!! Next week I will start putting on my food and exercise in my diary , so would appreciate any tips to improve ! Big first way in on sat mornin will post that too !!!!!
  6. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    just looked at your stats and wanted to say you have done fantastic :):):), im hoping to have similar results. keep it goin
  7. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Well-Known Member

    Good luck for weigh in tomorrow :) It will keep you focused by posting everything on here..onwards and downwards :)

    (I notice you are from liverpool. I like liverpudlians/scousers so much...I married one! :) )

    Have a good weekend!
  8. easygoing2ie

    easygoing2ie Well-Known Member

    Best of luck with your WI tomorrow.
  9. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Hello Ken, good luck on the weight lose journey, I have full confidence in you to lose it again.
  10. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    me too!!!! im from just across the mersey (wirral) originally but met my wife whos a proper scouser 5years ago and the rest is history !!!!!!! im gonna be posting all my results on here i think it will keep me goin as i cant publically fail !!!!!!! ive chosen a saturday for weigh in day as i could have a celebratory lager at the football if ive lost. so will be weighin myself in a mo .........fingers crossed !!!! ive only done 5 days this week because of my sat w/in .
  11. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    james , looking at your stats your doin amazing mate !! thanks for the good wishes if i do aswell as you have it would be great. cheers !!!
  12. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Good luck!
    I'm sure u will do fine!! :)

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  13. tranquility

    tranquility Well-Known Member

    Never mind the WI Ken let's get down to the nitty gritty here........are you red or blue? lol

    If the answer is blue I may never return. lol used to have a blue OH and me being a Red supporter it was never going to work.

    I'm sure your WI will be fine you men seem to drop the weight faster than us women. Good luck.
  14. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    just completed my first body test ( using wii fit body test to weigh myself and dom my bmi )after 5 days ive lost 8lb ........ fairly pleased although i know there will be some fluid loss . its a decent start though and ive got full weeks from now on !!!!! im gonna set myself i mini target for next week ..........im going for 7lb as im starting my workout regime later ......im doing 30 mins on bike and a 15minute programme on free weights . oh well thats week 1 done and it wasnt to bad. im just waiting fir a couple of sw recipe books to arrive and i can get a bit more variation on my meals. not really missing any foods yet but got the match later and its gonna be tough not to have a beer !!!!!!!!!! as long as the blues win i will be happy. thanks guys for your good wishes , lets keep supporting eachother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will get there . ken
  15. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    hi tranquility , im from liverpool so the answer to the most important question in the world is .................... IM A MASSIVE BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! season ticket holder as is jen . i do agree with you it would never have worked out if jen was a red ( kidding !!!)...thats the way it is ! hope youve moved on and happier for it . ive started a new thread for football slimmers if ye wanna check it out some time ,thought it would be good for slimming and footy banter !!!! hope you continue aswell as you have done so far on your weight loss !!! youve done great. ken
  16. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Well-Known Member

    VERY well done ken, what a good start, 8lb is very motivational :)...now onto week 2 :D

    Hope you enjoy the match and find a wee 'less calorific' drink afterwards :)

    Here's to another successful day for you and hope you are your wife have a lovely weekend :)
  17. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    Thanks rainbowrose !!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend too !!!!! No I'm going tea total for a while that maybe more torture than the diet !!! He he !!!!! Cheers !!!
  18. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Well-Known Member

    Good boy!..enjoy your tea then :)

    Must say, what a pretty wife you have...ooh to be that slim..lucky woman :)..and lucky you! ;)
  19. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Congrats on the loss, and commiserations on supporting the wrong team ;)
  20. fatken

    fatken Ken losing lbs to make £'s for children in need

    i know, im punching well above my weight with jen !!!! :happy036: im v lucky !!! just wanna be v lucky + SLIM AGAIN !!!! typical man eh wantin everythin !!!!!!!
  21. blossums

    blossums Well-Known Member

    well done on losing 8lbs, bet that feels great :)

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