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Fave bars


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My favourites are the peanut, cranberry and orange ones. I have the orange once a week as a treat :)


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Lurve the Cranberry ones!!
Cranberry and at a push peanut...
Dislike ALL the others!!

I just so wish cambridge could develop some sort of cereal bar WITHOUT choc!!!



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I love Cranberry Crunch and Peanut. Don't like the stuff all the others are made of, it makes the texture wierd.


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I only started having them once I was going up the steps, but my faves are cranberry and peanut, but to be honest I prefer any flavour bar to shakes now. I use them as my 1 CD product on the 1500 step, a nice afternoon treat.
Mine are the peanut and the cranberry, I like the others too but as far as I remember they have almost double the carbs than the crunch ones so I try to stick with them.


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Chocolate and toffee. I love the chewiness - but I've had protein bars before and am used to the strange spongy texture. Peanut crunch is good too, also Caramel. Cranberry crunch is okay but would be better with more cranberry 'bits' in it.

I couldn't cope with the orange when I first had it, although the darker chocolate was nice. Suspect it was because an Orange Creme in a box of All Gold once tried to choke me. The bar reminded me of that and I think there's psychological scarring...
Toffee and Caramel - but they have to be cold!
The peanut one is OK and I like all the others (not too keen on the chocolate one) as well, so I'm lucky!

My problem is sticking to the one per day rule...
Peanut and the malt toffee - love 'em and would happily have two a day if permitted

A question for a CDC or anyone who might know - is it just the *unfortunate* side effects that prevent 2 or more a day??? If so, I have had 2 bars on a couple of days when I was on the move and couldn't mix a shake and wasn't affected at all. Does this mean I can take more than one (with extra water obviously)
I think the Orange bars are the nicest.


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1. Cranberry
2. Peanut
3. Orange


Back 2 finish my journey
hmmm, i had my first ever bar today a toffee one, and whilst it was nice to be chewing something i'm not sure if i liked it. It was a bit sickly and having avoided anything chocolate for god knows how long it felt a bit wrong, i'm gonna try the peanut one tomorrow and see if i like that.

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