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Favourite and Don't Like Packs on Cambridge Diet?

I hate strawberry, my cdc will only give me 2 flavours a week so i felt like i wass going to be sick, it was not nice


Trying to lose weight
I hate strawberry, my cdc will only give me 2 flavours a week so i felt like i wass going to be sick, it was not nice
Only 2 flavours? My CDC gave me a selection as this is my first week so when I go to her I will be able to say that I don't want those ones. Have you asked your CDC if they can give more flavours or have they refused?
Uh? Why are you only being given 2 flavours?

CWPC's are supposed to offer the full range. If yours doesn't, I think I'd really consider finding another one!


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Only 2? My first week I got 1 or 2 of every flavour to try them!

Like - chic mint, strawberry, bannana, choc, fruits of Forrest or ice gems as I think lol, chick mush soup, chick soup.

Don like - cappuccino, butterscotch, toffe and walnut, spicy tomato, vanilla.

Think that's about it lol havnt
tried chilli or veg soup yet.



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Hi all,

I like : Choclate , starberry , bannana , choc mint , walnut and toffee , vanilla , fruits of the forest , butterscotch n choc orange .
soups i like all apart from broccoli and cheese .


Now Maintaining :)
shakes - Chocolate mint, strawberry, chocolate
Bars - Caramel
Soups - Chicken and mushroom, Oriental Chilly

Not favs
Butterscotch shake
Cheese and broccoli soup
ALL of the Porridges
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Hiya, I've found that my tastes have changed in the last few weeks

I love:
Strawberry Tetra
Banana Tetra
Choc Tetra
Choc Mint Shake
Veg soup
Chewy Choc bar

I hate:
Porridge (since I gagged on it this morning!:eek:)
choc orange shake
Chick/mush soup
Fruits of the forest
Oriental soup

Still have a few of the others to try, though.
she doesnt order in bulk or sumat, so i only get 2 flavours, its really annoyin if you dont like one!
The only thing I haven't liked is the chocolate tetra, had one this morning for breakfast and so wish I didn't. The strawberry one was ok and haven't tried the banana yet.
Anyway - my faves (gosh, they all feel like very old friends now, LOL)

Nearly all of them. :)

But I don't like

Butterscotch shake
Tomato soup
Oriental chilli soup
Fruits of the forest shake
oh, and I don't like caramel bars (yuk, that's supposed to be caramel??)

I think I like just about every thing else:)


Now Maintaining :)
My consultant gave me one pack of each flavour to try out in week 1. I'm glad she did because I really hate some of the flavours and haven't re-ordered them since.
On my first week I got a couple of everything (she let me choose)
I like things that I didn't think I would like at all so its worth trying everything

I like:
Choc Mint
Butterscotch (the best)
Banana (with added fresh nutmeg)
Cappucino (and I don't like coffee!)
etc etc, pretty much like all the powdered shakes.

Apple and Cinnamon Porridge
Cranberry Bar
Leek and Potato soup is ok with black pepper

Not so keen on:
Original Porridge
Chicken and Mushroom, though only had it once so far

Don't like
Veg Soup
Strawberry tetra (but that may be because I didn't shake it properly, it left a taste in my mouth and made me feel a bit funny, think you are supposed to have lots of water at same time, not tried any other tetras yet

Still not tried all of the bars, tetras, and soups, and not tried mix a mousse.


please try again
i live on 3 choc mint shakes a day, i love em

also like on the very rare occasion the choc bars

i dont like the porriges or the now discontinued broccoli and cheese


This will be my year
I hate strawberry, my cdc will only give me 2 flavours a week so i felt like i wass going to be sick, it was not nice
That's a strange one :hmm:My CDC suggested that I take a selection as some flavours had changed since I did CD first time - porridge and strawberry tetras have been brought it, and the infamous broccoli and cheese soup had gone LOL! She also swaps out any packs people don't like.

My faves are -
All the tetras (I add extra water as they're a bit strong otherwise)
Choc mint
Vanilla (I use it to whiten coffee)
Toffee walnut (make flavoured capuccino with it)
Leek and potato soup
Chicken and mushroom soup
Cranberry bar
Malt toffee bar

I dont like -
All of the porridges
Broccoli and cheese soup (discontinued now I think)
Tomato soup (I can't get on with the weird froth on top)

I can pretty much palate the rest if I have to :D

My CDC is really good and gave me everything to try and will swap anything i do not want, however i am currently living on lactose free chocolate for brekkie and as hot choc before bed (although drunk in bed) and a Veg soup for my tea, with added curry powder to give it some bite, this went well until i accidently tipped too much in and as it was my last sachet had no choice but to eat it :eek:
I have to go to Salzberg for work the week after next and am going to eat meat and veg in the eve with sparkling water and have a bar for lunch, brekkie i can have in my room and make a shake.....honestly it feels very cloak and dagger but i am scared to tell them about this diet as they will all want an opinion about wether it is healthy and the long term effects (work in medical so it really does get the long debate!!).
Dolly x
my tastes seem to have changed a little this time , I loved the A&C porridge last time , but cannot stand it now !!!

my faves are-
choc mint
strawberry shake
malt toffee bar
orange bar

I dont like -
any of the soups
butterscotch ( tastes like feet )
any of the tetras ( apart from making choc icecream once in a while )
cranberry bar

any of the other I dont mind but tend to not have
The soups are minging!

I prefer the veg drink in a cup in boiling water...yummy (bouillion from all good shops :rotflmao: ) not on commision just love it

and again


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