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favourite DC meals

My favourites so far are the sausage casserole, mutton stew, lamb hotpot and pea & ham soup. Still a few I haven't tried yet though.
All sound lovely. Are there any you haven't liked?
I hated the shakes. But the soups I've tried are fab too.
Well I don't like hot/spicy food so didn't like the chicken curry or chickpea & apricot tagine, and I found all the shakes too sickly sweet except the chocolate. There are a couple I didn't hate but wouldn't re-order like the pork meatballs and chicken casserole. Most of the food is lovely and doesn't taste like diet food at all :)
Well i like all the chicken dishes i think they are fab, but my favourite of all is the chilli YUM YUM.
The meal that i disliked the most is the chickpea tagine, i took a couple of mouthfuls & then chucked it in the bin, it was HORRID i wont be buying that again.
My favourites are the chicken tikka masala, paella, thai chicken curry and the beef meetballs. I used to like the lamb hotpot but went right off it for some reason, and I've never liked any of the casseroles apart from the sausage one. I also thought that the chicken chasseur was yucky. :eek:
I'll probably like them all! There is not much food I don't like! lol!
I've just had the pasta bolognese and that was brill - not at all like diet food!
tonight I had paella but the rice all stuck together - maybe I should have added a little water before microwaving though. Felt dead full after. I honestly really looking forward to my dinner everynight now as it is as good as home made, so far - maybe that's just my cooking!

I liked the CD peanut bars but the others stuck in my mouth, oooh so horrible. The worst though is brocoli soup - gag! But I did CD about 20 years ago for 2 weeks - got from 8st to 7st! but I stil can't take the banana shakes since then - vile! But to me CD wasn't about the taste anyway as it actually didn't make much difference, it was just sustainance - don't know how ppl can stick to it for months- what will power! I do wish I could as I'd be thin now.

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