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Fed up and down on myself...

So much for setting myself that 7 day ss challenge...

I can't stop eating... I hate myself for it. I have things to aim for... friends coming over that I haven't seen for ages, not to mention my big move in December...

I know what I want...but I feel so bad when on SS that it all goes down hill. I have such bad mood swings and get really bad headaches even though I am drinking around 6 litres of water a day. Not to mention the constipation makes me feel disgusting and fat... My CDC wants me to do AAM all the time now as it's the only time I wasn't constipated...

Right now I am finding the whole thing a joke and don't know what to do. I thought I had the will power, but I guess I thought wrong...

I feel so lost and can't stop crying...

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Aww darling you poor thing. I went through the overeating and crying all the time. I have the same trouble with going to the bathroom. I have since i was a child so i have to eat psyllium everyday. It helps but only a bit. Maybe you should take a break and AAM like your councillor said. When i couldnt stop eating i started slimming world cos you can eat as much as you want without counting and i lost weight but its a motivation thing. You need a break, its obviously stressing you out and doing more harm than good.
Taz x

First of all, don't beat yourself up - this diet is bl&&dy hard at the best of times, and if you're not in the right frame of mind, then it's impossible. It's not about you having the will power - it's about having the will power AND being in the right frame of mind for it...

How about looking at it a day at a time, rather than 7 days at a time. I know when I started SS a week seemed like ages, so I just thought 'I'll get through today and see how I feel' then I managed the week.

My headaches lasted about 4 days, but I havne't had one since - I just took pills everytime I had one.

AAM or 790 really works - I think the weight loss difference on SS and 790 is about 1-2lbs a month, so why not try 790 for a while?

You've lost 20lbs already, so you've already made a huge achievement!

Thank you for the lovely replies.

Just having a REALLY crap day. I have my PST (Personal Survival Techniques) training for work tomorrow...and I'm dreading it...as we have to jump off the high diving board, practice getting into the life raft on our own and then with people helping us etc... and the whole idea of being in a swimming pool again is terrifying me... not cuz of the water, I love swimming and I'm a strong swimmer...but all these activities we have to do tomorrow just brings memories flooding back..being the fat kid in swimming class... I am going to be the only fat person there tomorrow and I know it's going to be so embarrassing.

Being the idiot that I am...I turned to my only source of comfort...food. Funny how the thing I use to comfort myself is the one thing that got me to the point of needing comfort in the first place!! =o(

Going to go and cry myself to sleep!!
Well, I survived my PST training and passed the exam with 95%...thank goodness it's over!!

My boyfriend can't come over to visit in November now...so, pretty down...plus it's taken away one of my motivators...

So upset..
But just think how much slimmer you will be when you see him. Take this one day at a time and reward yourself every night when you have succeeded (not food just kind words and saying how clever you are) and well done on the PST training and high mark
Irene xx
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hey girl!!feel betta! i went up to 6 litres for a week and had a 4lbs weight loss.was really constipated...the next week went back down 2 4 and lost half a stone. try reducing it see how u feel

In my experience, I discovered that one of the best ways to stop yourself from eating when you shouldn't is to find a reason to be losing weight - and, for me, at least, that reason was not me, but someone I dearly love (my girlfriend).

I discovered that no matter how much I tried to lose weight for my own benefit, I could never stop myself from over-eating. No matter how much I told myself that losing weight is for my own good, I always ended up negotiating with myself (e.g., "Ok, I'll just let myself eat this piece of cake and then not eat for the rest of the day"). Not only was it unhealthy, but I also ended up breaking every such promise I gave myself anyway.

However, when I stopped thinking of doing it for myself and started thinking of it as doing it for my girlfriend, I somehow found the motivation to keep going and restrain myself from eating when I shouldn't. Somehow, the thought of letting her rather than myself down helped me control myself.
Thank you everyone for all the kinds words...hopefully I'll get into the right frame of mind again and get back on track. Right now my hearts not in it as I have so many other things on my mind, but I'll get there. WI again on friday....dreading how much I have put on. I know it will be a lot!! Just have to get my arse back into gear and lose the weight!!

Thanks again everyone!! You're all stars!! Keep up your great work!!

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Well done on passing your PST training - with flying colours too.

We all go through these demotivated periods. Why not think about doing 790plan??? With that you can lose 12lb a month easily, plus be less likely to suffer constipation and having some food may help you if you are using lots of energy in swimming. Give it a try and see how you feel. A month of 790 and you may feel like going back to SS - what is it they say ... a change is as good as a rest!
Thank you everyone!!

Update..I have a horrible cold right now, so feeling a bit sorry for myself...WI tomorrow, I know it's not going to be good...no doubt put on around 5lbs with the amount I have eaten!!

Tomorrow is a new day...and I am setting myself a challenge!!

Thank you GC for recommending doing this for someone else rather than for me...I thought the only way I could stick to it, was by doing ot for myself, apparently not!!

My boyfriend has told everyone who was standing in the way...to back off and that no matter what he is going to be here in November!! Yesterday he booked his flights!! YAY!!!

So, from now until he gets here, I am going to follow the diet 100% and not even allow myself coke zero anymore!! Plus I am going to do my exercise bike atleast 5 days a week!! YAY!! So positive!! He loves me for me, but wants me to be happy!!

Thank you for all the support!!


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