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Fed up and having a week off plan

Hey all
Havent posted my food diary this week I am around but im having a week off plan as I am fed up with a situation i cant control, my head isnt in the right place for concentrating on healthy eating and counting syns n stuff, basically my hair is falling out in huge chunks and its starting to get noticable!! it may be because of the Lipotrim or it may be the beginnings of a bout of stress related alopecia but suffice to say im not feeling very good about it at the mo. As far as I know im totally not stressed about anything! (apart from the fact that my hair is flipping falling out) so im hoping its the after effects of Lipotrim and will sort itself out in a couple of weeks, though its been going on for 3 and seems to be getting worse.

Anyway Im fed up and I know that if i was lecturing myself i would say you cant cheer yourself up with junk food so im stopping away from it if possible BUT i just dont want to feel stressed or guilty out about breaking my diet or having more syns than i should do while im trying to stay calm and see what happens with my barnet! so if i fancy a mars bar and a bag of crisps in the same day this week im having it and i can play catch up when my head is in a better place im having a week off plan for my sanity more than anything and then I will get straight back on and carry on being a good girl, I cant write off 3 days already of being bad as flexible syns days they were 100% me being fed up and grumpy!

Im going to keep my 3 main meals low calorie and try to make my comfort food as good for me as poss but i also dont want the hassle of having to stress about what im eating if i really fancy something ridiculously bad for me

Just letting you all know because next week come Monday you all have permisson to shout and nag me to get back on plan !

Gen x
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It's ok to have a week off sometimes. It can be just what you need to get yourself back into it. Just set a date to get back on plan(eg after WI) and stick to it and any gain will soon drop off again
Thanks Girls, Just wanted to get it out in the open felt so hypocritical offering advice and pepping people on when im sat here with a mars bar after eating a bag of quavers and another bag of squares! I am deffo back on track starting next Monday morning I am not letting being a potential baldy bugga beat me! and as Taz saidI am going to set a date and stick to it ! I will be back on track next Monday no matter what !!

On a better note I have just called my cousin who is a hairdresser regarding it all falling out and she has suggested getting a chop up to my shoulders so when i wash it doesnt look as much in the plughole! which I am going to do after work tonight! she also reckons it is probably the Lipotrim and a lack of some vitamin or mineral and that my week off is a good idea to cheer me up and get me in the right frame of mind for eating better.


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Lots of people on VLCD's find that their hair falls out. Now you are off it you should find it starts recovering
Update :) I am now sporting a lovely new bob! which would never have suited the old chubby cheeked me so being skinnier has its upsides i would never have thought of! YAY ! :)
am feeling a bit better and my cousin had a look last night as she was chopping it off and reckons that although its thinner there are no definate bald patches so it was more than likely the Lipotrim as when it fell out last time because of alopecia it left patches of no hair at all, she also reckons she can see new hair growth so thats a bonus!
I knew it was a side affect of VLCD's but when it starts weeks after and because of my history it was deffo more worrying if i hadnt had hair loss in the past I wouldve just written it off

Taz n Big n bouncy xx thanks for being there i really needed it yesterday :)


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You sound more positive today and that is great news about your hair. I have a spot of alopecia and it's really annoying as it is at the front of my head so I had to have my hair restyled to cover it!


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Sorry to hear about your hair. After I had my 3rd child, my hair fell out really badly and I started to become paranoid about it. I looked it up on the net and saw that loosing about 500-600 hairs a day was normal after having a baby but it really worried me.

I didn't know that hair loss was a side effect of a VLCD. It makes you wonder if it's really worth it.


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For me it wouldn't be. What is the point of losing the weight you want to lose only to develop another area of your body to be insecure about? Just my opinion
what we eat makes a huge difference to your hair and skin.........since doin sw my hair and skin has never been as good......hope u are feelin brighter today................xxxxx

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