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Fed up of negative people!

I am so fed up of people's negativity about this diet. So many people that I have told about Lt have said to me "but you will put all the weight back on and more" or "it sounds dangerous." One girl tried to scare me today about a friend of hers whose hair fell out on lighter life. Later on in the conversation she explained that a) her friend hadn't been drinking her shakes and b) her friend is now back on it! So obviously it couldn't have been that bad for her to return to the diet.

I am sooooo pleased that I discovered this diet. When I weighed nearly 3 stone heavier after having my baby girl I never thought I would be able to loose it. Now I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks, feel amazing and my goals seem achieveable.

I certainly won't be telling anyone else that is for sure but why should I or anyone else for that matter hide it? Anyone on lipotrim should be praised for sticking to such a stict diet. So here it is....Yay to us!!!!
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I know EXACTLY what u mean! I have this problem as a few people in work know im on LT, they say the same things, i just think the best way to get back at them is to prove them wrong by losing the weight and maintaining it! Its not for them to say whether its the diet for u or not, as they've never been on it, so what do they know? nada! lol. Just stick to your guns and Ive started to just change the subject and if that doesnt work, then nicely say u dont want to discuss it as ur trying to forget about it. Its amazing how much sabotaging goes on when your on this diet, even from people you know and love but lets ignore them and plough on!


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I think its peoples ignorance to the facts about lipotrim really hun. To be honest, when I seen people in work before Xmas doing lipotrim, I was one of the ones that said, "Oh I could never do that" "it must be dangerous for you" etc etc, but until I read up on it, and seen the fantastic losses they were having, compared to my tiddly 1lb this week, back on next week, I too was a non believer.

People dont realise that we are monitored by a Pharmacist at each weigh in, health checks are carried out, blood pressure is monitored, measurements taken etc etc.

As far as people not being able to keep it off, we only have to look at the many members on here who have maintained for years.

Hair loss - thats a natural thing for your body to do anyway, but its just while we are on TFR, the body holds onto everything we have, so instead of losing a few here and there which naturally happens, all the old hair that your body has clung onto can (not always) come out within a short space of time, this can have an alarming affect, but its just a build up. Mine started to fall out a few weeks ago, but it only lasted for a week or two and now its just the normal hairs on the brush.


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take no notice of other people's negativity hun. you're doing this for you and by the sounds of it and the amount you have lost, you're doing brilliantly.
most of the time people who are negative don't actually have a clue about the diet.
keep up the good work :)
I know. I think a lot of it is just jealousy that they are not loosing weight as quickly and they haven't got the willpower to do something like this. I also think that some people don't want me to loose the weight. Whats all that about? Anyway, I know I will loose it and keep it off. In fact I cant wait to start eating lovely healthy salads and fish!


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Oh god these people drive me crazy! Kered you are so spot on..people just assume that your doing yet another crash diet! I tend to bite back now..i know i shouldnt but when i get someone saying "Oh youll make yourself ill" i just reply "yeah but i'll be ill and skinny though!" shuts em up cos they dont know what to say in response to that lol x


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haha, i was just saying to my boyfriend that i am craving some covent garden tomato soup of all things! not chocolate, or pizza - tomatoes!
glammam - I cant wait to eat healthy too, i dont even really miss junk which is wierd! I seem to be craving ryvita with cottage cheese and tomato soup! good though i guess!xx
I know its so strange. I usually love my carbs, but I had a craving the other night for a slice of ham wrapped around some cottage cheese! A salad now would just be heaven!


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louize - i'm the same. someone i know started lecturing me about how unhealthy it is. she is overweight herself so i asked her how much healtier she thinks being fat is. didn't go down well but she actually called later that night to apologise for being so negative!!


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As I've just said on another thread, they are there for entertainment purposes only ;)

I worked out loads of 'come backs'. I can't even remember them all now, but they ranged from "yeah..I may well die, but the family will save heaps of money for wood making a smaller coffin" to "OMG! You better tell my doctor, because she told me it was safe!:eek:" to a whole load of make up scientific words explaining the concept, then asking what they disagreed with (add in a few fake research papers by a few fake doctors - with dates, as it's hard to remember them all), but do ask lots of scientific questions asking them to explain why the research is incorrect :D

But always come home and have a laugh, because you know you'll prove them all wrong ;)


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louize - i'm the same. someone i know started lecturing me about how unhealthy it is. she is overweight herself so i asked her how much healtier she thinks being fat is. didn't go down well but she actually called later that night to apologise for being so negative!!
Haha you got a result from that one then! Your so right..they need to take a look at themselves before they start to criticise other people! At least we are doing something about it!! I can understand people feeling like its hard work to tell people with the reactions they get but hell I tell everyone these days cos im proud of doing something about it! Especially when it takes so much bloody willpower haha x


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yeah exactly!


Here we go again!
I'm going out on Saturday night and will be seeing a lot of people for the first time since starting this diet and am gearing myself up for the negative comments. How can they be negative when I will have lost 5 stones?

If they ask what diet I am doing, I am going to tell them cos I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about it at all but just don't want negative comments all night long.

It will probably be jealousy anyway if they are negative, as most of the people there are overweight too!

Wish me luck, cos I feel as though I'm going to need it. Might use some of those earlier comebacks too, they're great!


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I usually reply that I'm doing this diet to change my eating habits. It will make me think about what I put into my mouth instead of just eating it. The weight loss is a bonus.

This usually quietens people down.
it's hard being faced with negative comments, whether people think you're starving yourself, whether they say you'll put it all back on (and more!) or whether they just don't think you'll stick it out for the months needed to get to goal.

But then you come here and realise, most people are getting similar comments but STILL persevering, getting great weight losses week in and week out.

Then you realise that quite a few of the detractors are probably a tad jealous at, or even threatened by a) your fab weight loss and the new-found confidence or b) your wonderful willpower!!

We can all prove them wrong, but more importantly, prove to ourselves that we can do this.

My biggest 'critic' (well, sceptic, cos she does support me really) is a fellow dieter, so sadly that's definitely a bit of jealousy. Hopefully we'll work it out though.
Well, I was one of those negative, fat people who said, "I could NEVER do a diet without eating food, that doesn't sound right to me." Then when my work-mate came in the first week and said she had a 10lb weight loss, I bombarded her with questions....it then only took me a couple of days before I charged into my nearest pharmacie, gimme, gimme, gimme Lipotrim....Pleeeeeze!!!!

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