Fed Up SSing


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I have been doing LL since the end of January this year and have lost 6 stone. I started management in August but I have had a couple of tough months during the summer and must admit to "messing about" and not doing it properly. I was basically not ready to start but did so because I knew I would be moving house from Scotland to Wales and wanted to be well into management before I moved. Because of the messing about I still have about 1 stone left to lose before I'm done.

I started again seriously on the 18th October and have been doing OK except for a binge a week last Thursday and last night I ate food and also went out drinking with my brother. Today I have been really good but have just come back from the kitchen where I have been picking at food again. The trouble is that I'm not really that annoyed with myself.

I am just wondering whether I have come
as far as I can on LL. I am actually considering joining Slimming World to lose the final stone. I know that SSing is the quickest way to lose weight and that I could lose the final stone in no time. But I am feeling that I need to start eating again now and by "messing about" I am picking at all the wrong things. At least if I joined SW I would be eating "good" food and maybe it's a good way to start to "learn" to eat again.

I don't know whether changing is "giving up" or just a realistic way to move forward. I still have 3 full weeks of packs left as I bought a months supply. There is no LL group local to me and tbh I'm feeling a little isolated. I miss my group lots. I'm still in touch with my counsellor by phone but it's not the same as going to the group.

Just feeling fed up and don't know whether it will get better or I'm just being a rebellious child and spitting my dummy! I would appreciate anybodys experiences and advice.

Honestly i'd say join SW for a week and see how you get on...thats the litmus test on how you feel.

You may be right if when you 'come off' the diet you tend to binge eat...

You may feel after a week at SW its the best change ever, you may feel you wanna rid that last stone on LL, but you wont know if you dont do it

and as you have done LL for along time, a change could be as good as a rest

Good Luck!

Hiya sweetie

Changing diets is most definitely not 'giving up' .. it's just finding another way of losing weight/maintaining the weightloss which suits you best.

VLCDs aren't a lifetime diet - they are merely a great way of losing weight as quickly and safely as possible. The important thing is that you've lost as much as you have and now want to keep that great figure of yours .. which is what we all want to do :) .

You, like all of us who are very close (or at) goal, now have to accept food as an integral part of our lives and not 'the enemy'. I think that's where the real danger lies as we could start to view anything we eat as 'wrong' .. but it's not if we make the right choices and eat sensibly.

We'll all have our off days and occasional binges (probably forever), but the important thing now is to recognise that they happen but they don't have to go on indefinitely and we can still maintain our losses - or even lose that bit more - by not beating ourselves up about it and just balancing out the few 'bad days' with lots more 'good ones'.

Much love, honey

Know what you mean about being fed up with SSing. I just want a change too, I don't want frothy flavoured coffee or mousse for my breakfast everyday any more!!!!

I will watch with interest how you progress if you decide to make the switch away from VLCDing. Good luck, with your last stone. Giving up?? Hardly! Give yourself the credit you deserve!
I think as you get within a stone of your target weight your body needs to have more real food and SS is not the best way to do it. As Sharon says it is a time to come to terms with food, start to establish good eating patterns and think about how you will manage to keep your new slim figure.

I'm currently reading a diet book by a french nutritionalist who recommends that after weight loss you spend 10 days per kilo lost on consolidating the weight loss and gradually introducing previously forbidden foods. So that is 2 months per stone lost. It seems like a long time, but bearing in mind how many people put back on the weight they have lost I think he may be on the right track.
Thanks girls for your replies. After a good nights sleep I have decided that I still feel the same and I am definately moving away from SSing. Today I have eaten, but not binged. I had an apple and some toast for breakfast, an M&S wrap and a cookie for lunch and I will be having a chicken dinner with my nana and great aunt later. The best bit is that I am sipping on a cup of tea with skimmed milk, yey!

I have been down the town this afternoon and bought the SW magazine so I can have a read and I am definately going to join this week. As Ivy says I won't know unless I give it a try. My family are behind me 100% as always. They are tremendously proud of me and how much I have lost and how far I have come. My mum even told me she'd box my ears if she heard me say I was a failure for changing. You are right Sharon, changing diet is not giving up. LL was right for me at the time and with the amount of weight I had to lose it kept me motivated. So know I have my new life and I now need a change and also to bring food back into my life. SW appeals because there is no counting and I want to learn to eat healthily again, but also learn to trust my body. My LL counsellor has always instilled in us that once we start to eat again that it is important to listen to our bodies and that is what I need to do.

The main reason that I walked into town was to join the gym. I mentioned in my diary thread that a local gym (part of a nice hotel) is offering a trial deal at the moment of 6 weeks for £60. This includes the use of the gym, the pool, the sauna etc, but the best bit is that this also includes unlimited personal training sessions. Fantastic value! Have booked my induction for tomorrow at 2.30pm. I will book my next session then as well so it will give me the impetus to go. I love going to the gym once I'm in the groove. The other good thing is that my brother has joined as well so I'll have a gym buddy and we'll be able to motivate each other. The trial will take me up to christmas and by that time I hope to lose my last stone.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Hi Hun, I think Slimming world is an excellent choice.. IMO...I think if we carry on to long struggling with SS it can turn into a destructive thing rather than the brilliant positive thing it once was to us. If this happens I feel it's time to leave it behind (at least for a while) try something new, and reasses our goals, expectations etc!!
I go along to SW every week with my friend to give her support.. she'd never go on her own!!!!! The diet is sound and the group pretty friendly.. you also have the added incentive of being weighed in every week!!!!!! If you started on the red/original days and limited your syns you will be able to wean yourself out of SSing without too much water/glycogen gain.

Sending you much love as always xxx:):D:)
If you're going to up your exercise you definitely need to have some more food intake than SS can give you.
It sounds to me like you are being sensible about this, learning to eat healthily and upping your activity level. Attending a slimming club will help keep you on course, nothing like having a public weigh in to keep your mind focused!
Thanks Mandy and Clairejen, I am feeling very positive this evening. I love a new challenge and being weighed publicly has never been an issue for me. I loved WW when I did it, but other issues got in the way and I lost focus. I always loved the group thingy though, possibly why I loved LL so much.

Can't wait until Wednesday now!