Fed Up!!!

Hi everyone, felt the need to vent off this morning, my losses so far is week i 6lbs, week 2 10lbs and last nites 1.82lbs, I feel so rotten, despite the fact that my class was a nite early so it could be that and ive been constipated since tuesday nite so it could be that too, but im soooo sad, how do you pick yourself up from these things, my rebellious child is coming out this morning with avengence to say just have a greasy roll this morning with everyone else and too hell with it, but then my adult is fighting back saying, you know you've been 100% dont worry it will catch up with you next week. Oh my head hurts and its only 8.40!!

Sorry all, just needed to see this all written down,

I think this is a problem that lots of us have. It's ridiculous really.... I mean, you've lost almost 18lbs in 3 weeks... if you had been on WW or another such diet I'm sure you'd be stunned!

I'm exactly the same. At my week one WI I lost 11lbs. You'd think I'd be nothing but elated... but oh no - because at my day 3 drop in I'd lost 8lbs I was upset that it hadn't turned into a stone! :rolleyes:

This is a major part of my big battle. If I don't get what I want, I too think.. sod it, might as well just eat then! Which is ridiculous! Talk about self-sabotage!

I'm trying to look at the bigger picture and not be such a control freak! I can't control the rate at which my body loses - especially on this diet.

HUGE congratulations on your loss - I bet you're looking loads better already. Next week you'll have lost even more and be even slimmer!! :)
Thanks Gaijingirl!

Its sooo good to know that others feel the same as me, I think my adult is winning as I sit here munching at my bar, think i just need a hug lol!

Onwards and upwards eh!! We can do this!!

Hi there

In a couple of weeks time you will do some sessions on crooked thinking - and that is exactly what you are experiencing now - there is a thread lower down on this forum about examples of crooked thinking.

Crooked thinking is the one major major lesson I learnt through the LL programme.

You have done phenominally well, you had a terrific second week loss. You may get an odd week here or there where your loss isn't as much as you'd hoped for - and there is no logical explanation for it - but my betting is you lost quite a few inches this week!!

Go read the thread on crooked thinking - it may have dropped a few pages down by now but it is excellent and will help you understand how and why you are feeling like this.

Good luck and don't let that chatterbox win!!