Fed up


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I am fed up of missing all my fave stuff.
i know it will be there after the diet and its bad for me and etc etc just want it so bad.
Don't worry I wont be having it just needed to vent I just wanna be normal
hey girl i hear ya!! but you are dead right they will be there when you are finished.

i am re-starting ss over the weekend imagine how hard that will be... at least you are in the middle of a plan!!!

keep your chin up girl you are doing fab!!


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You're perfectly normal, honey.

It's perfectly normal to crave the foods we used to treat ourselves with, it's perfectly normal to feel like we're missing out and depriving ourselves when we can't have them, it's perfectly normal to get angry and think "It's not fair!" and stamp your feet and have a moan.

But just think how you'll feel when you're at your target and know that you're a perfectly normal weight for your height :)
Hi Bellybee

Congratulations for sticking to your plan and only being fed up because you miss certain foods. I'm fed up because I am having a bad few days and miss being in control of my eating.

Feel happy that you are so in control and can think about your fav, foods without having to give in. Hopefully I will join you in those happy thoughts again soon.

Be proud of this very special achievement. Besides the thought of them is probably much better than the reality!

Dizzy x
Hiya Lisa, Ive just had a very bad couple of weeks, I didnt know whether to pack it in move to 790 or what, I fought and fought with myself. I think this a normal process to go through. I gave myself a goal of 11 stone, which is still half a stone overweight for my height at least.

I am have now got my head back in the right place and I feel good again about this diet, I didnt cheat or anything like that but I felt so bloomin down about the whole situation. Like you I wanted to be normal.

a week or so on from that and I am back up there, Ive got my head in the right place, and I am so glad I didnt give up, I am sure that this is a normal process of how we feel on VLCD.

You have done so well, and I am glad I spotted this so you know you are not on your own.
Love x
Hi Lisa...I know how you feel hun, I really want a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps and a cup of nice milky tea...but since I am only on my second week of SS, I cant even have the milky tea!!! You've done really really well so far...just remember wat ur aiming for!!
Well I didnt have fish and chips last night instead as I am currently on 790 I had spicy turkey salad and then bed with a frozen peanut bar that had been cut up to watch the nutty proffesor.
Feeling better and more in control this morning and it looks like the 790 is working on the old scales although I have not officialy weighed in yet just had a sneakly peek.
Thanks for all the support last night.
Well chuffed you are feeling great again - you look fab! :D

And, I know it's sad thing to do.. and I am pants at maths:eek: .. BUT... (and I am constantly amazed by people like you!:eek: ) you have only 46% to go (even less now!!) ..SO you've already broken the camels back (figuratively speaking of course!!) and have done so incredibly well so far! Flippin heck - 4.7stone lost!!! WOW!!!

Know what you mean about the longing though;) .. but you know what, its people like you who post their challenges as well as their triumphs that make it all seem possible to those of us just setting foot into unknown territory! :rolleyes:

I know we don't know each other, and please, don't think I am being at all patronising, but I am really proud of you for fighting off that HUGE temptation:D - having lost so much already it must be a double-edged sword! :confused: (Feeling good with loss, but bad with temptations)

Anyway, hope you have an excellent weekend!:D :D
Well done Bellybee ! you have done amazingly well so far :D

I'm sure 790 will work well for you too - keep up the fab work :)