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feel crap an hungry!!


Back on the diet train...
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well ive not ad the greatest day 2day. i woke up feelin hungry (wots that about :confused:) but i ignored that an ad a shake an drank loads of water.

then i went 2 this big park near me wiv my friends (who btw dnt no im on this diet) an me not realisin they ad brought a picnic!!!! yes a picnic. sandwiches, crisps an cakes wiv sum grapes thrown in aswell!!! :(

since startin this diet ive took myself away from situations like this an as i didnt av time 2 prepare myself it was hard especially as 2day im feelin hungry. :mad:

but on the positive side i didnt cheat an just sed im on a low carb, high protein diet. so they didnt question why i wasnt eatin yet was guzzlin water down like a fish!! :rolleyes::p

then 2 top it off i think i got 2 much sun (im sooo not used 2 it) an ive got mild sun/heat stroke, so im feelin teary, really tired an just generally feelin sori 4 myself. :cry:

i suppose i ad 2 av a bad day eventually an its took till wk 5 to really hit me but hey the days nearly over an ive still bin 100% so thats a bonus an i did enjoy the park just not the food! :sigh:

ok moan over an i live 2 diet another day, think im gona take my dogs out an then av a nice tall glass of chilled H20!!! :8855:
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Awww babe massive hugs - but well done you for resisting the picnic! It's hard work isn't it? We had a leaving do in the office today with all the yummies in the world. Aren't we good sitting there with our water?!

Nicely done hun - but if you do think you've got heat stroke see someone about it tomorrow! It can be nasty you know. In the mean time cool down as much as you can and drink more water than usual. xxx


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Hi Bex!,
I totally understand the way you feel, the last few weeks have been fab and lots of my friends have been bbq-ing and sipping cool cider in the park and eeryone is having fun and I feel like I'm missing out- except I really know that I'm not...I jst think of how far I've come and remember the reasons I'm doing this so I have another glass of water and look at pics of my wedding dress and measure my waist! (It has never been as small)
Its only temporary hun and you will feel way better when you have another few lbs knocked off and you feel lighter, sexier and more summery....:)
Good luck xxx


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Bex darling you are amazing and such an inspiration to others. You are so strong and very well done for not giving in. Your determination should be bottled :) I think you deserve a nice non food treat.

I am going to pictures tonight and I am not really looking forward to it at all. I think my friends might want to go for a meal beforehand too :( I know I won't cheat but I'm not sure I will enjoy myself either oh well...

Anyway hun I hope the scales reward you well for all your hard work xxx


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Hope your feeling a bit better. Good on you for resisting that picnic, there will be plenty more to come. I might join you later with that glass of chilled but I might push the boat out and go for iced soda water, special treat you understand ;)


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
cheers 4 all ur lovely comments guys. it really helped an i feel soooo much better 2day. :D

in a way im glad it happened now im settled on the diet coz like kellywobble sed there is more 2 come, always a birthday or a 'do' an i need 2 learn how 2 deal wiv it in a positive way. :)

the thought of next summer in a nice dress bought from the 'normal' section means more 2 me than a few sandwiches at a picnic!!! :p

i will succeed on this diet!!!! so i raise my glass of chilled H2O (sparklin soda water 4 u kellywobble :8855:) an toast all my fellow lipotrimmers!!!! thank u 4 ur kind words an sound advice!!! :D. here is 2 a fab weigh in!!!


Here we go again!
Glad you're feeling better Bex and well done on resisting the picnic, must have been hard.

But like you said, there will be other hurdles to get over and you will pass them as and when they come up. You are strong, stay positive and you can do this.

Roll on next year and that lovely summer dress, you will get there and feel fantastic.
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hey bex!!!
how on earth are you?? missed you guys- hope you're ok xxx

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