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feel like ringing the take away !


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i have spent all afternoon cooking a low syn curry for me and my partner was doing it with half boiled rice and half sw chips. It was simmering away nicely when darling son decided to smear the contents of his nappy all over himself ! Was cleaning him up when i thought it was sw chips but it wasnt the chicken had burned to bottom of pan. In a panic i tried to salvage by scraping only for the pan to tip all over me.
ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. I worked i night shift last night had 2 hours sleep and i havnt got the strength or the paitience to make anything else i know i will end up with a take away

im so bloody pissed off !
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sounds like an awful day. When you just can't be bothered lol I feel for you! I'm sure you could order a take away if your syns permit it lol
sounds like you just need a take away.. the joy of slimmingworld is that you can! *hugs* sorry about your curry :( that really sucks.. hope you didnt hurt yourself either!! x


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sent other half to chippy BUT im keeping my sw chips and hes getting me curry sauce - 6 syns damage limitation


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Thanx ossireo im still chowing about it and little one is very sheepish on the couch lol x
Hahah, bless him! ...well done.. i would have sooo just blown it and eaten loads !!! ... im sure it will do you better come weigh in than eating the chippy chips!!

well done.. xxxxx


I can do this............
well done to you! i felt a bit like that today but then i remembered why im doing this and had a massive bowl of pasta instead!
Well done everyone! It's so tempting to blow it but it will be worth it! I want to get up from my sun bed on holiday (in 6 weeks) and not fret and feel cross and put a towel round me when I walk around. I carry a pack of ham around with me on red days in case I start to weaken. It's so nice to read all your posts - we are in this together!!