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Feel so fat & miserable

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww dont be too hard on yourself. ive been there so many times before once at a size 32/34 i think i can say i know exactly how you feel but....... i always made an effort, didnt feel completely comfortable most of the time but i still had a good time and im sure your friends dont think of you that way. hope you find something to wear and have a good time. you could always stay home feeling sorry for yourself, wishing you had gone out with them knowing you could have been having a good time. xx
I feel exactly the same! I was feeling pretty good because ive lost 11 1/2 in 3 weeks, and then I went to a class at the gym today and everyone was so skinny n I suddenly got reminded that I feel HUGE :(

It just motivates me though, I watched all my slim friends get through two rocky horror sundaes at the harvester earlier and I didnt even feel that I wanted it...makes me want to be slim more than ever!!! So try and convert that crap energy into motivation and you'll go on to have a great week with a good loss and it does make you feel a lot better! xxx
I've cancelled nigths out before at the last minute for the exact same reason..
Trust me, being sat at home is far far far worse than going out and having a good time!
Have you got some favourite clothes you can wear that you'll feel good in? Or do you have time to squeeze in a hairdressers appointment 2moro so you feel good about yourself?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I've just been thru my clothes found a top that I can wear. I'm bloated 2 as due on so this doesn't help. I will be slim like them 1 day finers crossed.

Good idea think I'll get my hair done.
My friends aren't bothered what I look like its all my own demons in my head.

Thanks xxx
My friends aren't bothered what I look like its all my own demons in my head.
I'm glad you realise that because it's just what I was about to say. I've been the 'thinner' one and didn't give a monkeys what my friends weighed and have been the 'fatter' one and came to realise they felt exactly the same! Just remember you're doing something about it and you will get there. Go out and have some serious fun :D
i know that feeling and hidden myself away since I had my wee girl almost 3 years old, before that i never cared what anybody thought and even worked behind a bar dancing on top of it, but it takes alot to get back to that feeling, if i can do it then anybody can!!


I want to be fitter again
Aww honey whatever size you are, they want to spend time with you, as you. Can you recall exactly what they wore last time you went out? probably not it was not important. I bet you remember the laughs and jokes and smiley faces. Remember that beautiful person lurking on the inside, she is the one that matters xx
Treat youself to a nice new lipstick/nail varnish/necklace. Have a red day tomorrow as it should make you feel less bloated and therefore feel more slim. Get your hair done and go out holding your head up high! And remember, next time you go out with them, you will another couple of pounds towards your target and before you know it, you will be there!

Enjoy your night out!!!! :D
God to i know how you feel. I've not been out since christmas. I've got a wedding reception on Saturday night an I'm dreading it! I've got nothing to wear. I feel like I'm letting down my other half. and I don't want to go. And to cap it all. The weight ia not shifting however hard I try!!

So I do now how you feel, and as a size 16, you are not, I repeat not fat. You are normal, and gorgeous.


big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thank you lovely people. I woke up feeling better this morning. My husband is of work and he's going to have a look for a new top for me (he used to work in fashion so knows what to pick).

I'm looking forward to it now was just having an off day yesterday me thinks.

Kisses to all XXXX


♥ On the road to a new me
Glad you're feeling better, I'm sure you'll look lovely! I can relate to your first post though, I've canceled nights out because of feeling like that.


Hope you have a great time and i'm sure you will look fab. Your friends love you enough to want you with them even if you go in a bin liner :eek: so go on enjoy yourself :D

I wish I was a size 16/18 i'm dreaming of that day :eek::D


Fighting the bulge
Hope you have a good time my lovely! Im the same, all my friends are a size 6-8 and stunning!!! I think its perception my lad friends say that its not all about being the skinniest person there its about having the best time, being the nicest person and im sure there is something that they all envy about you as much as we all envy something about them.

Drink lots of water - you may be bloated due to fluid retention if its nearly your * week. If you give yourself enough water your body wont feel the need to hold on to it.

Hope you have a fantastic time :)
Big Bear!!!

I feel your sad ness - but am determined to motivate you!

I myself am a size 20, and dont care i have skinny gym addicted friends who are size 10 - they love me for me, not what i look like.

That aside, i know being self conscious (sp) can ruin a night out - so! get some cover ups, so the bits you dont like are covered....i hate most of my body, but majorly resent my bingo wings and lack of ankles... so i wear opaque tights to keep my ankles hidden - this also squeezes me in a bit more ;)

I also have little jackets that cover up my arms....try getting a nice black one - i saw some in New Look that are lovely - blazers are back in big time too (check me out - Gok Wan watch out!!)

I also recommend floaty tops, they dont stick to tummys and compliment your figure - so if you have one of these, you dont need to suck ya tummy in all night!

Have a lovely time - xxx

ps Marlyn Monroe was a size 16....and the most lusted after woman of her time! love those curves xxx


Fighting the bulge
Big Bear!!!

ps Marlyn Monroe was a size 16....and the most lusted after woman of her time! love those curves xxx

I didnt know she was a size 16!! Oooh shall use this quote again!!!

True friends love you for who you are - nothing more, nothing less xxx

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