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feel sooooooo down

:cry::cry::cry::( i dont know what is wrong with me, i have been feeling really anxious since yesterday, i am on day 5 of refeed and i feel like i have piled loads of weight back on, my tummy looks huge,feels huge,i feel really bloated..i keep thinking i mustve done something wrong and so have piled weight on.:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

everything was going really well until i discovered that i dont think my kitchen food scales are working properly and wasnt sure if things had been weighed properly which would explain why i feel like i have put weight on because if thats the case i probably have. i am having a right dilemma lol dont know what to do:wave_cry:
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Nicky hun, I'm sure you are just feeling bloated coz you aren't used to eating food. From what you have posted it doesn't sound like you have eaten too much so don't worry.

I'm sure your WI will be brilliant.

chin up honey, your almost there !

Laura x
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I'm sure you'll be fine and hopefully the scales will put your mind at rest. Make sure you pop on here and let us know, I'll be waiting to hear!

Im sure your just feeling heavier because of the whole guilt of eating and also its Monday the blues are around today. I am convinced we will all wake up brigh bubbly and happy people tomorrow.
Well best of luck with the weigh in and dont forget to let us kow how you get on


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oh, love love love big hugs, try not to worry, its been ages not eating its bound to make you feel odd. maybe talk to LT direct about it, they may have some suggestions for you.

hope you are ok



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big hugs hunni i am sure it is all part of lt and as in gaining weight i dont think you will have hun personally maybe it is cos you are so worried about putting the weight on that and getting used to food etc. your wi will be great hunni and you are doing absolutly fantastic be proud of yaself try not to be down hun. loves and hugs xxxxxx


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Nic, I don't think you will have gained ANYTHING. I've been reading your food diary. It must be an illusion, due to not eating for so long.
You've been brilliant throughout, and will be fine when you get weighed.
Sending positive vibes :vibes::vibes::vibes:
and love, xxxx
Nicki, I'm sure it's normal to be a little fearful after having worked so hard! Maybe it's an idea to have a look around and find some fun and inspiring food/eating/cooking ideas. Make planning food, cooking, eating an exciting thing. I can see that being part of this forum has really helped you during your weight-loss journey and that you have helped loads of other with support.
I came across a brilliant blog a few weeks ago about a mother trying to find ways to get her son to eat veggies. I found it totally inspiring and humourous. Maybe reading through that will inspire you? And give some great tips on healthy cooking and eating and, most importantly, making it FUN! THE GREAT BIG VEGETABLE CHALLENGE
Good luck hon.
x, Jan
hey nicki, i hope you're feeling better. sorry to hear about the scales, but when it comes down to it, your body will tell you when it's had enough anyway. at least you have found out about them, and if u have put a couple of lbs on then it's been a lesson learned and you can pick yourself back up and get back on track. good luck hun, and don't beat yourself up, you've done fantastic so far! xxx
Nicki, I hear ya hun!! I felt massive too on refeed (now on maintenance), but you know I didn't gain, i lost!! Its just that you haven't eaten in so long that your body is not used to it. Carbs make me so bloated so I kinda avoid them the best I can. Am sticking to a low GI/GL diet myself with a few little alterations to save my sanity!! I'm not one to talk, cause I felt exactly the same, all I can say is even though i felt I had put on weight, I hadn't. So good luck and chin up!!
Oh sweetie, I hope you are feeling better today???? I felt the same, it was my birthday last wednesday, went out for a meal, shopping all day thurs so had to eat out again (had salad and chicken so fairly good) then had a birthday bbq on sat, so feeling very bad, :eatdrink017::party0036::party0051::eat::party0027: I put on 1/2 lb at weigh in, was soo relieved, now been on 2 shakes and 1 pm meal - no picking for 3 days, fell alot better now. so wait and see if you put on then just do a mini diet if you have. Good luck and let us know.
T x:flowers: