Feeling a bit lost!


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I've been thinking a lot about my STS weigh in yesterday, I'm not feeling as positive today. I honestly could have sworn i'd lost something! I felt lighter and I knew I had cocked up at the weekend cos of my step-daughter's birthday.........I still felt good! I'm concerened that what I am doing isn't going to work for me. I promise that when i'm on it i'm really doing my best. I have a limited pallet and don't like fancy foods so a lot of the receipe's just don't appeal. A few of the meals I have made have been a real disappointment..........worried i can't do it as I won't be eating right!!

I'm feeling a little poorly today, got a bit of a head cold. Feel run down. Hopefully that's whats wrong.

Sorry for the moan.
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I know how you feel. I STS this week and had been on the plan 100% so mighty miffed!!

However, its made me more determined that this weight is not going to beat me. I've upped my exercise and am going to try and eat more syns.

Keep seeing yourself how you want to be!!!


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hi hun u may have lost inches even tho ur weight stayed the same that has happened to me i sts last week but could get some jeans on that i couldn't the week b4, try and stick with it and hopefully it will come off good luck :)