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  1. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    Hi everyone,
    I've been on Xenical for a while now and after a good initial loss in the first few weeks my weight loss has stalled and then spluttered to a complete stop. I'm really really struggling to stick to the diet and to make this work and I really don't know what to do. I just seem to have lost all my enthusiasm, drive, determination etc and am stuck in a rut. It's mainly a combination of boredom with eating the same/similar foods and feeling hungry a lot which leads to snacking (which is very bad). My willpower to nigh on zero right now.

    Here's a typical diet for the day:
    Breakfast: Bowl of Shreddies with Semi Skimmed Milk and a cup of tea/coffee
    Lunch: Ham sandwich on whole wheat bread and some fruit. Maybe a cup of coffee
    Snack: Go ahead bar
    Dinner: Meat and veg of some description and a muller light yoghurt
    Snack: Cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit or two (because I have issues with depravation and if I don't treat myself I normally wind up bingeing)

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.
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  3. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Not sure I can help, but wanted to say that I know exactly how you are feeling, I have been dieting for 2 months and Xenical for the last 4-6 weeks.

    In the first month I managed to lose 13lbs, and was so happy and determined, then the next weighing I gained 2lbs leaving me with a loss of 11lbs, felt really disappointed but I had a few treats and put it to that as the reason, then had my next weigh in this wednesday and stayed the same, I really thought I would have lost as the last 2 weeks not one bad thing passed my lips, regardless of wanting to eat everything ;)

    I joked on another thread saying Rice and Baked Beans may be my next attempt... and sadly I am resorting to this now.

    Its actually really tasty, I was shocked... so this is what Im eating and am hoping for a loss on my next WI on the 1st July...

    Breakfast - 1 slice of toast (50/50 Kingsmill) with 1 egg, very slight scraping of marg' = 6g Fat


    2 slices of Toast (50/50 Kingsmill) and slight scraping of butter = 7g fat

    Lunch - I admitt I am only having lunch if Im hungry, and if I am, then I will have 1 slice of toast with marg and a yoghurt, lots of water :0 = 5.5g Fat

    Dinner - 1/2 cup of long grain rice, half can of Baked beans, mixed veg, and a yoghurt = 2g Fat

    With this it means I am full, not needing to snack and my fat intake is around 12-14g per day

    I dont know results yet as my scales are toooooo tempermentle to try them and my next WI is 1st July.

    Just thought it may make you feel abit better knowing your not the only one who is having a bad time...

    But lets both get back on the wagon and keep going YAY
  4. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    You've said it yourself hun, you need a bit more variety in your diet, do you do any exercise coz that will help shift the lbs too!!!
  5. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Sorry, which of us are you replying to? :)
  6. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    sorry nee the original poster coz she said she doesnt have much variety :)
  7. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Thats ok, just got a little confused :O) mind you Im not having much variety but im happy with this for the time being, I need to see some change ;)
  8. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    I'm terrible for sticking to the same foods but it does get boring after a while!!! I've stocked up on a few different cereals then i'm not having the same thing every day and i've bought in lots of different fruit, peaches, nectarines, strawberries and apples mmmm :)
    Think the main thing i do the same every day is a sandwich for lunch, think i'm gonna try and alternate with spaghetti on toast. For teas we never ever buy jars of sauces we make our own from base ingredients that are low fat and theyre far tastier than any jar and an awful lot cheaper and we buy lean meat.

    For example last night hubby did lean pork steak marinated in a tom puree with lemon juice, soy sauce, worcester sauce, lemon juice, italian herbs, tbsp honey with less than 5% oven chips and a load of veg and for dessert i had a WW frozen thing.

    Stir fry's are good aswell, if you "fry" the meat in lemon juice makes a nice change but you're not using oil so it's low fat and just pile in stir fry veg with some basmati rice that's boiled with some apple cider vinegar and mmm that's delicious too and it takes about 5 mins longer to prepare than other dishes!!!!
  9. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    Hey hun Its sad to hear your so down at min. I think the key here is to add more variety for your meals.

    You could try scrambled egg and beans for breakfast. I usually use one who egg and an egg whit to limit my fat in take. I do mine in microwave b4 work only takes two mins and i cant tell the difference Or I some times have two turkey rashers (0.3g of fat per two slices) with mushrooms and tomatoes. I find it very boring stickin to toast and cereal.

    For lunch depending on if im working i have a ww meal with salad. Or i take a cooked chicken breast and salad and thrown in a few king prawns that are really low in fat. The salad is some times a bit boring so a throw a little salt on it and it tastes much nicer. (not too much tho!! :eek:p )

    And for dinner ive recently come across quorn, ok maybe its not as good as the real thing but its a change from having the same everyday.

    I find that writing a menu for the week helps as half of my problem is decideing what to have! I usually end up picking at the kids harribo's and picking at silly things. When i get in from work i look at the menu and get straight to work cooking it.

    Ive got a huge problem with snacking so i make a big batch of tomato soup. I basically fry an onion and garlic clove crushed, in fry light, add about 8 tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of tomato puree a pint of chicken stock and boil it for 20 mins then put it through a sieve. And if i feel like im going to go off the rails i get a bowl full and eat it then go brush my teeth.

    I hope this is of some help for you to add a bit of variety to the mix!!!

    Message me if you ever wanna chat

    love and best wishes

    katie xxxxx
  10. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    oooh and another thing I am a real sucker for carbs so lately ive been trying to avoid them. I dont say to my self no more carbs i am just cutting back. If i said no more carbs i would constantly crave them!!! An to be honest i am gettin to the point where i cant be bothered to eat!! So maybe you could try loosing a few carbs and adding more protein?

    just a thought
  11. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

    Hows things silence - are you feeling any better? x
  12. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    Thanks for asking :)
    Things are a little better. Obviously it's the weekend and I'm a little more free to eat when I want to eat (when I'm hungry) rather than being restricted to specific meal times.
    I'm trying to be more positive in general, which is always helpful and have decided to work out a meal and exercise plan to get me on my way. Hopefully I'll see some positive effects.
  13. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Switch your routine around and you need to eat different things because your body gets used to what your doing which is why you have hit a plateau.

    Have a hot meal for you lunch and snack or tea time, try different types of erercise instead of the same routine and eat different things for each meal.

    If you are having something more than once a week, it should be no more than twice a week.

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