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.....feeling a little lost......

I have just had a pretty bismal few days.... started New Years eve when my intention was to stay on SS...... 1 crumb of chocolate led to a mini binge including pasta and rice and i spent yesterday sick as a dog!!!

I have been on this for 3 weeks, and though i have had few minor setbacks i have always remained in Ketosis until now!! My scales do only show a gain of 1 pound, but in addition, during SS i have been having the odd bite of cheese or slice of turkey... it seems i cant go a day without some protein... has anyone else experienced this?

I am determined tomorrow no morsel will pass my lips, i will be having my 3 shakes and plenty of water....any little hints or tips you might be able to offer much appreciated...

feeling a little lost...
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Hiya Freda

It's horrible and demoralising when you feel as if you're caught in this cycle isn't it??? The great thing, though, is that you can break out of it. You can get through your days with your LT food and feel satisfied at the end of it.

The "treats" that you say you are having...what kind of "treat" leaves you feeling sick, tired and worse than before you had it? Give yourself a real treat and up your intake to 4 packs a day and a minimum of 3-4 litres of water, add cinnamon to your shakes and turmeric to your soups (both natural appetite suppressants) and you will be surprised at the difference you feel.

Going up to 4 packs a day won't affect your weight loss (and certainly not in the same way as an unstoppable binge does!) and you will much, much better and more equipped to deal with any other temptations.

One other thing...don't get caught in that 'ketosis trap' whereby you think its ok because you have remained in ketosis. There are many people who can testify that as enjoyable as Atkins is, they don't lose weight on it but do maintain. Also eating or nibbling anything will continue to give you license to eat...its like eating when there is noone around, we think it doesn't count - well it does!!!

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Freda, I stuck to it religiously for 6 weeks and nothing passed my lips. Like Diva said once I started to have a nibble that soon led to more and then my big slipup so I'm back on now and plan to keep my diet "pure" - no morsels of anything.

I usually try and glug more water, always have a drink when I'm cooking or serving up and light a candle to take away food smells. That and remove myself from any room containing food and find something else to do (I have read so many books lately!)

Good luck and think of that inspiring quote you told me!

Thanks Diva and Julie....... i weighed in as 11.11 last saturday so had stayed the same, since then i have gone off the diet, not through refeed i hasten to add!!! I have been in hiding!!! :cool:

I had been doing so well and just dont know what happened, was stressed but who isnt, so i dont know what happened to my resolve. Im feeling sick from all i ate!

I am getting weighed in again on Saturday and am prepared for a massive gain..... i will keep trying though Julie ;) and thanks Diva, water is to the ready. Tomorrow is a whole new day and i AM going to get back on track, i will need every ounce of willpower i have!

Its great and really inspiring to see everyone starting and doing so well on the diet, KEEP GOING and it really does work, i've learned cheating isnt worth it!!

Sorry again for the rant :rolleyes:

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