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Feeling all warm n fuzzy today :D

Have a huge grin on my face and after last nights meeting I feel so 'ready' to finish the journey I've started.

All your messages yesterday really gave me a huge lift and I went to that meeting and was totally honest about every feeling I was having, hard as a lot of it's to do with some really personal experiences that totally messed me up (not things I want to go into detail about on here) but I did it and everyone was so supportive, realising that what happened was not my fault and the likelyhood of it happening again is next to nothing it was a big step but I can now see the light so to speak :D



Emma xXx
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really glad to hear that
daisy x
Glad you are feeling better honey.....bookmark this thread, and when you start to have doubts you can re-read how you are feeling now, to spur you along. SOmetimes we forget along the way. But you really are doing so well, and as difficult and painful as it is, facing those old demons is essential to find a permamnent solution, so you are making good progress.

I want to try and encourage you again, when you are feeling down or unsure - keep posting. Thats when you need us most, and I can't think of anyone here who would not want to help you through a difficult patch. So remember that! If we can all help each other through the tough times, collectively, we all get stronger - so you help us too. :) There is never ever any shame in having a wobble - please don;t ever let that stop you! :)

Keep at it gal - you are gonna rock it. :)


(And I am not a show-off!!! :p:p Why I oughtta....:whoopass: :giggle:)


Fighting Demons....
Yey!! It's a great feeling being "back in the game"!! Just keep this feeling and it should see you through to your next meeting!!

Well done honey! I look forward to seeing your continuing amazing weightloss in the future!!

B x
Well done, so glad you're feeling better and back on track. Yay you! :D
Great to hear you so positive.can almost see you smiling as you typed:D
Oh, Emma, that's so lovely to read that you are feeling so much better and re-motivated (if that's even a word!!!) Well done you on sharing things with your group - you are so going to do this I can feel it in my water!! ;-)
Stay with the feeling, Emma!


Half a pound at a time.
Oh and forgot to post about you Emma! Well done Emma :) Its good to look back at this when your feeling the strain. Getting over the hard bit is a better feeling than giving into the hard bits!! xx

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