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Feeling angry........

Hi all, a lil mad, just got off phone with my mum, told her re diet and that i had a 4lb loss in a day and she said thats not healthy and i said well im taking in an adequate amount etc its from chemist etc etc and she said oh yeah i know someone who was on something like that and she was ill, and i said mum i feel fine. She then said well you will put it all back on when u stop. Im like thanks mum, im nearly 30 not a child, and ty for the encouragment, not :mad: Grrrrrrrrrrrr
Rant over!! xx
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my cousin has been like this.. she is around the same size as me and has been horrible about this diet since i found out about it.. says all i talk about is weight blah blah...ingore them :) stick to it and we'll show them :D x


I will be skinny again!!!
Awk dont worry about it...

Yes we will put it all back on if we dont refeed properly and ensure we maintain.. but that is exactly the same as any other diets ie weight watchers etc!


Don't Worry Be Happy
she cares, but doesn't know the ins and outs of the diet, you get all you need to stay healthy in the shakes, as for putting it all back on its down to your re feed and how you approach your food after like what you eat portion size and exercise, show her this forum might help her understand, im sure she s only worried and cares, lol no matter how old you are you will always be her child. good luck :)
Im her baby still lol, thanks guys, yeah i,ll show her forum etc, yeah cant wait to show her results, and like chell said, any diet you lose weight on if you went back to takeaways and bad habits you,d put back on x And to kt yeah we,ll show em xx
oh sweetie,,she just wants the best for you..and i know how irritating it is to have people say that especially when the people are so close to you but the thing is, theres only bad press out about these diets theyve only heard one side of the story. This is just a chance for you now to show her that you can do it and keep it off, and trust me when you get there she will be so proud of you.... good luck x


Size 14 here i come!
Keep your chin up and she will change her mind when she sees the weight coming off and you becoming happier and healthier!
She is just being your mum, it's her job to worry.
My mum was exactly the same and never thought i would stick to it so it made me more determind to do it and i did.
I started again after putting a couple of stones back on over a yr and this time my mum said nothing,lol she knows it's a good diet now and that it works!


Size 14 here i come!
Always vent on here, no one else can understand like we do as we have all been there!

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I think everyones got at least one person who disagrees with LT. I have my manager saying the only way to lose weight is diet and lots of excercise but since shes not lost anything in ages by doing this I think its jealousy lol.

The best one I've had is from my Auntie. She says I'll "diet myself fat" (everytime you put weight on after a diet you go up a bit higher with your heaviest), to which I replied "I'd rather diet myself fat than just stay fat"!!!!!

Like most have said on here hun, shes your mum and they will always worry about you but thats what mums are for x


No longer a redhead though!
I am going to start LT next week and have been very selective about those I tell. I have a 15 year old son that I have spoken to about it and asked for his support - unfortunately when we've had a crossed word he's asked 'have you started Lipotrim yet!?' as sort of an accusation; so am prepared for that bit when I actually do!!

Told two close colleague at work (one my boss) and they were surprisingly supportive. One admitted to doing it years ago, started to loose lots of weight but fell pregnant - apparently a side effect!! lol

All very exciting. Start date next week, either Wed or Thursday
Love that loads of people say falling preg is a side effect of LT.... makes me giggle!

One thinks it might actually be a side effect of something else!!! LOL
Hey hun,

I got abuse from my mum yesterday when i told her! This is a restart for me as i was stupid the first time i did LT and i didnt do a refeed so gained most of the weight back. I was not looking forward to telling her as i knew she would be mad with me! And she was! She told me i was stupid and i will gain it all back again and someone has died from it etc!! I did try to point out that a hell of a lot more die from obesity... but she wasnt listening! There is no way i am going to make her understand, all i can do is lose the weight, do my refeed, maintain my weight and then say "Ha!" At least her rant has made me more determined!! :) Thank god my husband supports me!!

Dont worry hun, if anything it will make you more determined to stick to it :)
hi lizzie, wow it sounds like u spoke to my mum lol, its cos they care but we r adults and need some encouragment and support, this forums great. My partner is great too, he supports me but hes away so much this forums been a godsend. The doubters should just make us more determined to show them we CAN do it xx good luck x
Deffinately :) What was really funny was when i was building up to tell her! I felt like a child! lol! I even stuttered a bit! I remember laughing a bit while she was shouting at me thinking -bloody hell! I am married adult but shes shouting at me like i was 5 and had been caught drawing on the walls! lol

Good luck to you too :) your mummy will come around x

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