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Feeling Down: Need Motivation!


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Probably need a good kick up the :massmoon:, but today I'm feeling really down & wondering if dieting is worth it.

I've done so well (by my standards) in sticking with the diet. More so than ever before. I only have another 8/9 pounds to lose, but I feel like this last bit is so hard to cope with. :(

Really could cuddle up on the sofa with a big bar of chocolate!

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Dramatic Star- You are doing great- you only have a few pounds to lose and they do say that is the hardest part. People start saying you already look great and don't need to lose any more. It is fab getting these comments but it is only you who truly knows if you are happy at your weight now. You already appear to have a healthy BMI so if your happy then start maintaining and move on a with a more healthy lifestyle (with only a small bar of choc as a treat now and then) and do exercise which will tone you up so you feel better in yourself! If you still want to lose that last half a stone, get back on track with the diet, drink loads of water, exercise and although it may not come off as fast as you would like, it will come off!!:D

Whatever you do, good luck xx


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Thank you :D Made me feel a lot better. Had a bit of a pig out over bank hols & have gained 1 pound this week, & have damaged my ankle so excercise is off till its better.

Think it must have been in my 'down time' that I posted this thread, so thank you for the support. Feeling so much better now!


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Glad you are feeling better. 1lb really isn't a bad gain at all - I'm sure it'll fall off you during this week, regardless of the lack of exercise! Just keep focussed - your goal weight is closer than ever!

Good luck!
Yeap 1lb is not too bad. You can lose that in no time and get back on track.

Hope your ankle gets better soon xx


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Well the feeling down 'feeling' has dissapeared! Even after pigging out this weekend, I've managed to lose 4 pounds this week, so goes to show its not all downhill. Thanks all for advice x
Great news- keep up the good work xx

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