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feeling down

S: 12st13.8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st7.8lb(4.29%)
Feeling so low today. Went shopping to try and find a dress for my party on Saturday. I want to look REALLY nice ... naturally. 2 of my best friends are coming and they are really skinny and I dont want to feel like the fat frump on my birthday.

So I went and tried dresses on and majority of them didnt fit. I just dont understand! :'(
I tried on a range of 14 - 16's ... some of my dresses in my wardrobe are a 14 though, so it confused me considering I have LOST weight?!

Feeling really deflated today now. And at the stage where I just feel like packing it all in, I know we all have days like this. But I really do.

After circuits my OH rang and asked me to go and get him a Mcdonalds on the way home. I felt so sh*t after I had exercised my ass off ... to not be able to eat coz ive eaten all my points :'( not only that ... the smell of it was really making me want to give in. But I didnt.
I just dont have ANY support around me ... OH eats rubbish all the time, and my friends pretty much eat what they want.

I dont know what I am after here. Just some guidance perhaps :(

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The important thing here is that even though you are feeling down, you didn't give in! I'm ok at resisting things if they're not infront of me, but if I had to go to McDonalds anyway and buy it, I'd REALLY struggle to resist. so WELL DONE on that.
as for the dresses, clothes sizes are so funny. In different shops and different styles I can be up to about three different sizes!! You KNOW you have lost weight, and feel better. Maybe try some different shops, different styles. I once got a size 8 dress from Primark! (I was about a size 14 at the time)
The important thing is, don't let this get you down. You have come so far and done so well. It's hard when you don't have the support, but remember you can come here anytime, it's always great for support. and when you reach your goal, and have done it despite the lack of support, you will feel all the better for it :)
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Oh no please don't feel so low. You are doing really well and need to be proud if yourself to get so far!

Don't give in, you say you have lost weight and so you are obviously doing something right. You did brilliantly not to have a McDonald's, especially in your mindset. It is very hard dieting when your OH isn't. Mine scoffs chocolate loads,which is my biggest weakness, and sometimes I have to tell him to go eat it somewhere else, but just think how you'll feel when you get to goal.

As for the dress for your party, I find that sizes in shops vary so much and a 12 can be loose in one shop and a 16 too tight! Do you have a favourite dress at home? If you really can't find anything in the shops why not treat yourself to new shoes, bag, jacket, hair or make up? You deserve to feel fabulous on your birthday and I'm sure You'll look it!

I hope you feel more positive soon and remember how well you have done. Xx
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First of all well done on not buying anything for yourself at the drive in - what a star you are.

As for your night out have a good look through your wardrobe- you've lost over half a stone so you will feel better and thinner in yourself aswell and as for the shops, the sizes are crazy so please don't go off them. Why not buy yourself a brand new pair of shoes and handbang and assesorise with neckless ect - please please don't feel disheartened - you're doing great girl.

Most importantly - have a great night with your mates.
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I swear clothes retailers are making their sizes smaller! I went shopping the other day and saw a size 14 jacket which was about an inch bigger than the size 8, it's ridiculous how skimpy they are making their clothes nowadays!

I honestly think you are doing a fantastic job! Many people wouldn't have the willpower to drive through McDonalds without getting something for themselves, diet or no diet. Never give up on something you've already proved to succeed in. :)
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hey clare,

please don't be down!! you are doing so well, resisting a maccy ds says it all if you ask me! I completely understand where you are coming from by not wanting to feel like the frumpy one next to your skinny friends because I have exactly the same problem! All of my friends are really slim and I constantly feel like the fat one, but i remind myself that I am a woman with curves and you should be proud of that fact! the lollipop look is over-rated anyway lol

Try not to concentrate on the sizes of the dresses, buy what you feel comfortable in and you will have a far better time that way, dress for your current shape embrace who you are and enjoy yourself!

sorry if I've gone on a bit lol really hope you can pick yourself back up soon, it's not easy to do especially when your are having a bad day, anyway I need you to be positive, your posts in my diary have kept me going lol

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aw you poor thing,,go get a good night sleep and hopefully you'll feel more positive tomorrow:) why dont you wear something that you have already like another poster said and accesorise(sp)it doesn't matter what sizes are on the dresses buy something that looks good on you and you feel comfy in:)
S: 12st13.8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st7.8lb(4.29%)
Thanks so much everyone. Yes i do have. Nice black dress in my wardrobe so if i dont find one by friday i will go n get me some shoes and jewelery :)
But i will give it a few more goes at getting a nice dress!
I am proud of myself for not ordering anything but i just wish my weight would shift quicker with the amount of exercise im doing too! I know i am just being impatient now lol.
I dont think the tablets im on r helping me lose weight either... I reli think they r hindering me. Im on citalopram depression tabs and my auntie is on the same and has put on 4 stone in 6months. I think it just increases ur hunger n makes u wanna eat when ur down or happy. Its a nightmare. Makes me not want to take them but right now im having more low days than good days.
The support here really made me smile though and you do really spur me on. Sorry to moan! I shouldnt really coz i am lucky in the gran scheme of things - i.e im not homeless or anything!!!
Just need to keep at it!

How is everyone else this week?? Xx
You will do it :) stay strong. I agree about the citalopram as been there, and know exactly what u mean about shopping too. I used to get so down about it. I'm struggling at the mo to stick to pp but have had a chat with my leader and will do it. The person I admire most at my meeting is more curvy than me, but shows strength and determination as well as being nice and chatty to everyone (she has lost in excess of 40lb). Forget the dress, it's what ur like as a person that counts x
S: 12st13.8lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st7.8lb(4.29%)
Thanks smurfy. I don't think I could come off the citalopram tbh because when I do I feel so down :(

I gained 0.5lbs this week too, greaaaat! :( However, I thought I would measure and compare at the end of each month my inches too... and I have lost 3 inches of my waist, 3 inches off my hips and 2 inches of my chest. So thats good.

Feeling a bit sick today :( Need to go food shopping too.



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Just wanted to add in how much of a star you are! I went and picked up Maccy D's for my dad the other night (the rest of the fam was having nandos) and I totally stole a few chips from the bag whilst waiting for the bus ! I pointed them through guilt but you did so much better by not giving in!

Your loss so far is incredible (that added .5 pound is clearly muscle if you have lost those inches) and you'll look gorgeous on the night! Book yourself in to get your hair styled, that will make you feel a million dollars :) x x
S: 13st1lb C: 9st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 4st1lb(31.15%)
dont feel like packing it in after all your efforts, just because of shop clothes, but i know how you feel, i find it so annoying, go into one shop and 16 is grand but 18 in another and its tight:cry:
You've done really well to lose the inches :) for me that's more important than the scales... The scales are a number, inches make old clothes more baggy! Good luck with it, and well done again x

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