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Feeling fed up

Only been doing Slimming World for 4 weeks, and went to weigh in last night and put on 1.5lbs - so Im worse now than when I first started. I know I can put some of this gain down to constipation! and because I drank alot of alcohol on Sunday - but even so - I dont seem to be getting anywhere with this - and especially not getting anywhere fast!!
Sounds a bit dramatic but I feel a COMPLETE FAILURE at the moment - I wanted to start losing weight from January - but all Ive done is put on.....Were now in April - got a target to lose 2st by end of June - which is getting nearer and nearer - im not getting anywhere.... :( :( :( :( feel sooo down..really considering doing the Cambridge diet...feel like I need a boost and I want to lose a chunk of weight to 'spur' me on....and just get FOOD off my brain!!!!! HELP!! sorry for the depressing rant!
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Hey :)

Sorry to hear you're feeling down. You know you can lose the weight, you just need to figure out what's stopping you this week!

Are you filling out food diaries? I find they're a really good way to check I'm eating the right stuff and counting my syns properly - if my free food section has got so much in it that I'm running out of space to write it, I'm doing well! If it's my syns section like that, I'm in trouble...

I gained two out of my first 4 weeks at SW, but don't get disheartened. I think SW is much healthier than CD, but I'm not a big fan of shakes and things either!

If you've got questions, please ask us, or why not join a team for some support or post your food diaries and we'll see if we can help a bit.

Chin up, and good luck!


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So sorry to hear that you are struggling with SW.
It should work and it will work if you stick to it 100%. Be honest with yourself, write everything down and try to eat lots and lots of free and speed foods.
You don't have a ton of weight to lose so I wouldn't think it would be dropping off at the rate of pounds and pounds a week but I bet you could lose half a stone in a month and that would give you a good start towards your goal.
I've never done CD so can't really comment but I would think that although it would give your losses a boost, that boost would be undone the minute you started to eat properly again.

Stick with the plan, a while back we did a 100% week challenge on here and there were so great weight losses. It really does make a difference!

Good luck, keep asking for help and support if you need it.
Jaylou xx
I'd echo everything paperclip & jaylou have said. I didn't have a good experience when I last did SW, I got desperate and ended up doing the CD as I wasn't losing fast enough on SW. Everyone is different, but I really didn't like it, I was grumpy, resented having to cook for family while I drank a shake. SW is a much more natural way to lose weight. You may take a bit longer, but view this as a way of eating for life. If you are constipated that prob does have a lot to do with the gain, up your super free foods this week, get plenty of extra fruit and veg and water and I'm sure you'll have a good loss next week!

I really feel for you, I've been in your position myself a couple times and looking back, I wish I had just stuck with it as I'd definitely have been at target by now. You can do it!! :)
Ohhhh don't give up on SW just yet. Give it a few more weeks. Like others have said, write things down, montior syns and most of all........... Have you spoken to your consultant? She/He will give you all the support you need to figure this out.

Good luck xx
I agree with the otherd, don't give up yet. Draw line under it all, forget it and forigve yourself. Then get your books out, and start again. Plan your meals, weigh out all your HE's and look forward. You CAN do this!
Thanks guys...I am feeling really really disheartened...feel like such a failure! It really helps to come here and talk about it...I know the cambridge diet doesn't sound & I dont really wanna do it - I know it would be far more healthier to stick with SW - Im gonna do Extra Easy this week - and drink as much water as poss to ensure I don't get constipated before next week's weigh in!! NEED 100 % CONCENTRATION! Just feel I can't do it on my own....so its great to have your help :) Thanks.
You're not on your own ronnie, you've got us! We will tell you off and keep you on track if necessary!!!

Good luck for this week.


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Go in the recipes section and look up the recipe for Kale soup. Have a bowl of that every day and it should definitely get you moving again.

As for not losing weight, the only thing I would question is whether you're actually following the plan properly. Are you having the correct amount of HexA and HexB choices? Are you measuring out portions of syns properly? An ounce of cheese, for example, might not be as big as you think!

Food diary... it's the only way to be sure.

And my own personal thought on CD or any food replacement plan, I can't imagine that depriving yourself of real food at meals is actually going to stop you thinking of food all the time. It would have the exact opposite effect on me! I did Slim Fast once and all I did was crave and feel hungry!
I absolutely agree with everything said so far and only wanted to add that I think you should scrap this target of 2st by June.

I think you have to accept that this is no longer achievable and try to stop using it as a stick to beat yourself over the head with. Sometimes our own minds are very damaging to our self-esteem and this can only lead to problems with food if that is where our danger area lies.

Draw a line under it and try to treat this like a new start- please don't be your own bully by thinking horrible thoughts about yourself and your percieved 'failures'.

You CAN do this- as of today!
Yes I have been doing HeAs and Bs and measuring properly - I know this weeks gain is down to alcohol binge on Sunday - in excess of 25 syns worth!! - and being constipated. Yes I have been doing food diarys for first 4 weeks, and my consultant hasn't found probs with them - apart from this weeks alcohol binge!! Ive even made up my own version of the table to keep on me all day cus i find it better writing down everything that im eating and keeping track of it.
Keep your chin up, the weight will come off if you stick to the plan.

I would scrap the 2st target by June as that is only 6 weeks away and putting uneccessary pressure on yourself, don't beat yourself up and take comfort that you have laid the foundation blocks to a new healthier slimmer you.


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Keep your chin up, the weight will come off if you stick to the plan.

I would scrap the 2st target by June as that is only 6 weeks away and putting uneccessary pressure on yourself, don't beat yourself up and take comfort that you have laid the foundation blocks to a new healthier slimmer you.
Yep I agree with scrapping the June target - I made my original target date as the end of January 09 (nearly 3 months ago now!) and I'm still not at target but I'm trying to chill out about that as the stress certainly didnt help me try to focus on what I actually needed to do.

I don't know how easy this is for you to do (maybe you have kids who eat other things) but maybe go round your kitchen cupboards and have a big blitz of things you won't eat anymore (i.e really sinful things) and get rid of them (give to friends and family) so that you can make a fresh start, it's good to get rid of temptation, that's what I've found. I rarely let my OH buy ice-cream these days coz I know that I may start binging on it when he's out!

Anyway - please dont give up - I've come so close to giving up over the last 2 months but I've stuck at it and I'm nearly there and you will be too in the not so distant future! Stay strong and positive for yourself.
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