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Feeling Inspired....

Hi all,

I have been lurking about here for a while and reading all your posts with growing interest. You are all doing so well, and seeing your losses and reading up about the diet has inspired me to give it a go too!

I was doin w8 for a few months over the summer, and lost 16lbs but found it ridiculously hard to stick to - like most people I do like to eat every now and then!! So over the summer holidays I managed to put 7lbs of it back on, didn't mind too much as I thought it would come off again pretty quickly... it didn't!! So after a few weeks here and there trying weight watchers and slimming world etc etc, I decided to give this diet a go.

I wasn't expecting much, and was really quite half-assed about it all... started last Monday (12th Oct) on a down day, did dd's on weds and fri, and pretty much ate what I wanted on tues and thurs. I was feeling all fat and lardy on fri night, looking up gyms in my area (that I'll pay a fortune to each month and never go...!!) and just whining about the unfairness of it all! So on Sat morning, i thought I'd get on the scales and see what the damage was......... only to find out that I'd lost 3 lbs!!!!!!

Well I was gobsmacked!!! (Hence all the exclamation marks!) I am loving this way of eating, and the fact that it actually works amazes me! I do have a long way to go, and although I would like to lose the weight very quickly, I have finally accepted the fact that it's not going to happen overnight!

So after all my rambling, I would just like to say thankyou to all of you for posting your diaries and thought etc on this diet. I am really hoping that this is going to be the one that helps me lose all this weight, and if it wasn't for you guys, I'd be back on meal replacements feeling pretty darn miserable!!

Sorry for the essay, hope all this makes sense, and I'll now stop lurking and start talking!!

MrsJ x :D
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Welcome Mrs justin. Well done on your weight loss thats fantastic! :D
I seemed to be losing and putting on then losing again, it was always a battle but with Juddd I have kept it under control. Its so easy to do and the health benefits are just the icing on the cake.:bunnydance:
Good luck with tomorrow, although im not sure which day you are on :)

Yes, this is a great way of eating!!!

That is so great you have lost some!

Keep up the good work! Oh and :welcome2:
:welcome2: Mrs J! Wow what a fab first week you've had already, isn't juddd just great :D Let us know how you get on, make sure you update us (get a diary going lol!) and add yourself on the weigh in list if you want :)

Glad you found the juddd board so helpful, we try lol! I'm loving juddd, definitely something you can stick to anyway.

Good luck on your journey :)
Thank you!! You're all so friendly - it's great!! Have been on some other boards in the past, and people weren't quite so welcoming!

Am on a down day tomorrow, so hopefully shouldn't be too difficult! Just the cold I have to contend with, really dislike tea and coffee so don't drink hot drinks other than hot chocolate and don't want to waste my calories on that.... hmmm maybe some hot squash????

Mrs J x
I'm on a dd too tomorrow, yay! I prefer the down days lol. Why not try hot water with a bit of lemon? That might be nice :)
I am on a DD today too
good luck with the plan you have had a fantastic first week :)
hope you have started a diary - off to have a look at that part of the forum shortly :)
Thinking about it!!!

I've found all your postings really interesting and like most on here have tried every diet on the planet. I am going to take the plunge and go for it! JUDD I mean lol! Monday next will be the start date and I can't wait to start using the diary section on here.
I have lost 7stone in the past and put 2 of it back on, so it has to go!!!!!!
Hi saintsgirl and welcome.
A BIG well done at losing so much weight thats fantastic. Juddd is great and as you can tell by our posts we all find that it isnt even a diet, just a way of eating. Good luck for Monday and I will keep a look out for your diary:)
:welcome2: Saintsgirl! Yay another juddder! The more the merrier, good luck with the plan it's fab! Amazing loss you had in the past, good on you :D I lost 3 1/2 stone before (was still 2 stone away from goal back then) and out two back on, so I know what it's like. Sure you'll be more determined than ever this time and it'll soon go :D
saintsgirl well dont for the past weight loss - and a bigger well done for stopping any more damage when you have - so many people put it ALL back on again and more

hopefully you will love the ease of this plan as much as the rest of us do
Hi Saintsgirl!

Well done on your loss so far - you've done so well!! Hope you enjoy JUDDD and carry on doing well.



going to do it!!!!
hi mrs j your post has been just what i needed today am on d4 dd and stupidly weighed in this morn ( its in my diary so wont bore you on here) anyway om so pleased i read this and heres to judd!!! well done on your weight loss its fab.
welcome saintgirl im new to this too started on monday and how fab is your weight loss !!!

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