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Feeling it today

I'm feeling really lethargic today. My energy levels are very low and dont feel like moving at all. Not had this before I've always felt very energetic.

I usually have about 2.5 - 3 ltrs of water a day on top of my shakes. I haven't been to the loo since starting LT and have taken laxatives today so hopefully that will help that little problem!

Any ideas how to perk myself up?
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At the beginning I got days like you are having, Still get them now and again..All I can say is drink WATER WATER WATER :p And I am sure you won't be off the loo later after taking a laxative :D You are doing fantastic..((Big hugs)) :)


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If you haven't been to the toilet since starting on LT and presuming you are in your 2nd week, its been a while! Taking the laxatives may cause quite a bit of stomach cramp, but don't worry, once you have been to the toilet you will be fine.

As for feeling lethargic, its all just part and parcel of your body adjusting to having no calories. Try and rest, don't push yourself too far until your body settles into a new routine and you will soon perk up yourself. Try pampering urself with a nice hot bath and relax! xx


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I would really advise not to leave it longer than a few days before taking "toilet pills" if your bunged up. The longer its left the worse it gets trust me!! even though the down side of this diet is getting blocked up you should still be regular either naturally or by using pills
I still get the odd day when I'm really lethargic but I put it down to my body 'catching up' with itself - I just go with the flow. I think it's normal to feel this way as we're asking a lot of our bodies at the moment.
if you don't have much to do, just relax and look after yourself - hot bath, lie down, watch a film etc. It will pass - even after 5 weeks i tend to get ups and downs - you tend to learn to go with the flow. If you do feel down or a bit ggrrhh, log on here and it really puts you back on form again, honest x x x


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I would say that you should get yourself some fibreclear to ease the toilet problem as this will help things along nicely. I still take some senekot once a week, but to be honest I don't think I need to- it's just to make sure. If you haven't been since starting that could be why you feel sluggish- remember that advert with the woman chucking all the food into her bag and carrying it around? You should have still been going in the first few days as your body should have been clearing what was left over from the 'normal' food you would have been eating previous to starting LT. I reckon once the laxative has kicked in, you should start to feel much better and your energy levels will most probably pick up.

Everyone gets those days when the energy levels are down, but as everyone else has said, it's just your body adjusting and it will pass. Congratulations on your first WI result and I hope the laxative does the trick! Best of luck to you xxx
Dear god today got a lot worse with those laxatives. Thought I was going to pass out the cramps were that bad plus I felt that I was going to throw up.

Thankfully it seems to be over now and I feel ok!

Debbie I get mine from a chemist in Warrington but there is one that does it in Warrington Town centre if you ever come here or there is one in Widnes which might be nearer for you. Have a look on this site to see which one is better for you Lipotrim - Participating Pharmacies - Full List

Thanks everyone for your support, your all wonderful and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow after a good sleep xx
Wow i better get to the chemist sharpish 2mo i havent been for 2 days and i dont want bad cramps. Ohh now i'm worried
the fibreclear may bung you up even more...they are not a laxative, i thought it was, and never went for 5 days!!!...

try senekot or something similar. Good luck, you will soon be on a roll... as for being lathargic, i feel like this most mornings now, but after a slow start, i seem to fine by the afternoon?...
I'm on day three and have taken fibreclear at leat twice a day, extra watered down chicken soup and about 2 ltires of water and have felt super so far. Has to be the water and f.c. as I'm a sugar hound and carb fanatic! Fibre clear should work.
I'm feeling better today although not bouncing about as I was prior to yesterday. Hopefully that will come back.

I'm going to take fibre clear everyday plus a senekot every few day and up my water to at least 3 ltrs a day.

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