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Feeling Low :-(


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I have gone from a size 28/30 to a size 16. As I write that I can see what an achievement that is.

However, I still feel really down about myself. I cant get a grip with my emotions, they are all over the place. I have no idea what to wear. I want to look pretty and funky, but have little money to spend on clothes as Im spending it all on LL. Also, I am hoping I wont be in them for long.

My last shopping trip ended up in a bingeing session as I couldnt find anything that looked nice. Im not confident enough to wear really fitting clothes, as I have a hang up about being able to see my 'roll' on my stomach.

I came off the diet for a few weeks to see if that helped. I was convinced eating was going to make me happy again. I followed it for 2 weeks, and I was just as miserable.

The thing is, Im really fed up at myself for not being able to do it. As soon as Im left on my own, my thoughts go to eating. I can hear myself go on and on and I should just be able to stop putting food in my mouth...HOW HARD IS THAT!! its pathetic.

I have tried to talking to people around me, but they either tell me to come of the diet, or just stick to it. I know that this is probably the only thing they can say.

I have tried to take a look at my life on the whole, and I can see I dont have a lot of time to myself, with the kids, work, hubby, house to look after and studying, but I cant see where I can fit it in. I also dont know what to do that I will enjoy that costs virtually nothing.

Sorry for going on, but I just needed to put my feelings somewhere, where someone else might be able to relate to.

Best go, Im supposed to be at work.
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Melarnz's.. As i sit hear reading your posting i can feel how beautiful you are babes. And i am saying this from the bottom of my heart.

Looking/feeling good doesn't come from the cloths we wear, it comes from the inside of us. The cloths only enhances what we have on the inside. Only you know what will make you feel good and i believe that if you take the time to really think about it... the solution will become clearer to you.
As a working mum, it is hard sometimes to balance everything so sometimes we should just find a secluded place, have a good long cry, scream out loud and then sleep....in whatever order you like!

The weight you lost is one step to your final transformation.. as you have successfully tackled you weight, i believe you will tackle and master your emotions and feels too!

In the wardrobe department, you can have a fashion consultation with experts (free of charge!) in places like Debenham/M&S etc without any obligation to buy. that way, we'd know what suits and then shop cheaply elsewhere!

I wish you all the very best babes and i pray and hope that soon, you will be smiling from your heart again and not just your face.



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Thanks ronky! I just need to take 1 day at a time. And take some time for myself x
Sending you a cyber hug... Hope you feel a bit brighter soon hun. x


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Yes I am Still on LL and haven't spoken to my counsellor x


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My new mantra is working wonders - I have had my hair cut - i have booked my personal shopper in Debenhams for the end of the month - i have a gok wan, and trinny and suzanna book to take fashion tips from - i have bought a bundle of clothes from ebay (over 40 pieces) of which i have sworn I will wear all of which a least once to try and change my bland wardrobe and try new styles.

Im doing good - and i have am evening of strawberry mousse, peanut bar and CSI followed by an early night.

Much love to everyone xxx


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Hi Mel

You are doing soooooo well - glad to see you are on top of it again. I am only in my 9th week but just wanted to say I have been reading all your threads since I started coming on here 9 wks ago and they have kept me motivated. You will get there - all you have got to do is start believing in yourself again. You have come so far and you can do this. You go girl x


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Thank you sooo much. It's really good to hear you are going great too. Thanks for your support. Xxxx


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Just quick:
"I couldnt find anything that looked nice. Im not confident enough to wear really fitting clothes, as I have a hang up about being able to see my 'roll' on my stomach."
I would never buy ANYTHING if I didn't go shopping wearing this:
At £30 it isn't cheap as you will grow out of it, but your mental health is worth every penny! I wear these nearly every day and they allow me to wear just about any top.
I know I keep banging on about it but seriously Mel, invest in one of these and you will find shopping for clothes a lot more pleasurable gorgeous.xxxx
Hi I just wanted to add to an earlier post. Im in my 3rd week and you really are such an inspiration. I think you have done amazingly well. Im really glad your back on track.

Jayne xxx


Determined to succeed
Hi Mel. You have been very quiet this wk - hope your not struggling too much luv :wave_cry:

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