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feeling miserable

I just wanted a wee moan to be honest, and maybe a few hugs and some tips?

I burst into tears at last night's WI because I have sts for the 3rd week in a row. I'm starting to wonder why I should bother now. Last week in particular, I tried so hard to increase my superfree food, especially when I've never been a big fruit/veg eater, but it made no difference :cry:

My consultant gave me a hug and has advised me to switch bread for ryvita this week, drink more water and exercise more (have had to work late so have missed my zumba class for almost a month now...)

Wondered if anyone had any other tips for me? I saw the green tea thread and I might try that. I've never eaten ryvita before but my hubby says it tastes like cardboard? :confused: How can I jazz it up to make it more yummy/exciting?

Thanks everyone :break_diet:
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Mrs V

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Aww Hun. Im really sorry to read that you have sts for 3 weeks in a row now.
What days do you do?? I have found that too many EE or Green days make me either gain or sts, so now I have 1 EE a week and the rest are Red and it seems to be working for me.
Rivita is ok. I eat mine, with either the Deli light cheese squares (1.5 syns each, or you can have 5 as a HeA) - the cheese and onion ones are lovely.. Or quark with onion and sliced tomatoes is a nice one as well, so is cottage cheese with chives and onion.
They can be a little dry, so just make sure that you have water at hand.
Dont give up hope, your body just wants to hold on to the weight for the time being, and I am sure that when you start loosing again, the first one will be a biggie!!

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I've also STS for 3 wks, it is disheartening, but on positive note at least you haven't gained:)

I have the ryvitas with currants in them which are nice. But I also have them with cheese on, either laughing cow, grated, babybell.

Other hexb's are Finn crisps (you can have 6 of these), Krisprolls or cereal which I sometimes have as a snack.

There was a thread a little while ago asking which hexbs people have, you could have a look for that & see if there is anything other than Ryvita you could try.

The weight will come off :D


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Awww hun, I have been dieting since start of Feb and am still the same weight, i find it so upsetting, i keep blaming it on the fact that I gave up smoking but that has been over a year now. I feel down all the time just can't seem to shake it off.

Keep your chin up (((((hugs))))) xx


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Big ((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))) for starters and my tip would be do a red only week and see if it makes a difference. Have stewed apple and a tbs of mincemeat as a healthy exB delicious. But most of all don't give up it does work


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I am sorry you were so upset at your weigh in, do you have some food diaries you could post for us to take a look at? And what days are you doing? You may need to mess around with it a little, as for the Ryvita - they are ok but I prefer the scan bran (these are an acquired taste though) as these are also a speed food. On my scan bran/ryvita I will have things like cottage cheese, egg maynnaise (homemade), sw flavoured tuna - I get this from B&M Bargains, Laughing cow extra light & marmite. Are you also having your syns? Make sure you have at least 5 a day that way your body won't go into starvation mode, make sure you also are having a good breakfast to set you up for the day.

If you want you can send me a pm and I will try to help you out as much as I can!

Good luck & chin up for next week.
I did do food diaries on here but kept forgetting to update them. I do the paper ones though and my consultant said I'm not doing my 1/3 superfree, too much bread and cut down on sins! What is scan bran by the way?

Thanks for all your tips, I am doing EE and I have enjoyed it as I used to find G/O difficult...


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Some people do find they can't lose when they eat bread unfortunately, so that's definitely worth a try. I do mainly green days because I find the 1/3 superfree hard. You could try drinking more water, and have high fibre foods, like wholewheat pasta/brown rice/weetabix . Ryvitas are ok crumbled up in salads, and are nice with tuna and mayo on them. They're not very exciting though!
I love wheatabix so I shall try to have more of that. I started drinking more water and green tea today. I read that 2 ryvita is super speed food?
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Hi kizzib for a start well done on not putting ON any weight! dont get too stressed about this and you will do fine keep going and the weight will come off, just thought if you dont have a lot of weight to loose it usually doesnt come of as quick or as easy but it will if you keep at it and keep motivated :) also i dont know about ryvita being super free but i no depending on which kind of ryvita they are usually 2 for a healthy B choice :)
thanks again. I had my ryvita this morning. TBH my hubby is right - tastes like cardboard :( Maybe I'll get used to it! Been drinking lots of green tea so far today and once the tesco man comes I'll be eating much more speed food :)

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