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Total Solution Feeling nervous about AAMW and what to eat

I'm going to be starting week 5 on saturday so it's supposed to be my AAMW. I'm feeling very nervous about it all as what I like about TS is the fact that food is completely taken out of the equation. So, how do you get through it and what kinds of things did you eat?
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On the second or third post down on this link
You'll find a list of ketogenic foods that you can eat (and ones that you should avoid / eat little of!)

I tend to stick with things like lean meat / fish and salad / green veg. I have the occasional omelette too.

Some people avoid AAM week, but personally I really enjoy it! It depends if you can go back to being strict again afterwards, or if you prefer being completely away from any food. Some people find it's a bit of a boost to their metabolism, others hate it and find the weight loss stalls.

Try it and see!

Good luck :)
Thanks for that Rachel (by the way I've been reading your diary and am finding it so inspirational). So, it's really just stick to the low carb foods then? That's fine as I have been following a lc diet for years now.

I think I'll just stick to chicken & salad or fish & steamed veg. Can't trust myself with anything else. Think I might just have a couple of shakes a day though rather than 3.
How many cals/meal and shakes do you consume on your meals during AAMW? Do you find it difficult to stick to?

Sorry for bombarding you with questions :eek:
On my AAMW I had all 3 packs and a meal. I just had salad with quorn. I was VERY nervous about my AAMW week too. I really enjoyed it though and I can't wait for my next one! Good luck.
Thanks for all the messages.

So, today's the day. Am feeling very positive as managed to lose 6lbs this last week to give me a 1 stone loss for the 4 week period.

I still think I'm going to have the 2 packs plus a 600 cal meal in the evening.

Did you all lose weight on AAMW or STS or <whispers> put weight on?
I just completed the aamw and despite my concerns am pleased to report that not only was it not as difficult as I thought it would be but I also lost 2lbs which was an added bonus. Thanks for all the support guys and for helping me get through this stage :)

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